10 Best Mezcal and Tequila Tours in Mexico

10 Best Mezcal and Tequila Tours in Mexico

When in Mexico, it is essential to try the ultimate Mexican spirits: tequila and mezcal. These two spirits are the perfect beverages to accompany your traditional Mexican dishes. Learn what makes a good tequila and mezcal and the differences between the two. We’ve broken down the tours into several cities in Mexico. You’ll walk away from these tours with a completely new perspective that you can share with all of your friends and family!


Mexico City Night Out: Tacos, Beer and Mezcal

The ultimate night out filled with tacos, beer and mezcal. What better combo to have than that? Plus, the entire tour is led by a culinary expert! Explore the amazing flavors of the traditional and classic late night taquerias in Mexico City. Then, our mezcal master will guide you into the smoky, sweet, floral, and herbal tastes of traditional mezcal. Enjoy discovering five new locations in Mexico City with 13+ tastings in only three hours!

Mezcal tasting and Oaxacan dinner

Walk through areas full of life, restaurants, cafes, bars, and historical sites to learn about the culture and history of the neighborhood. This tour is perfect for immersing yourself within the culture while trying 3 of the finest Oaxacan handmade mezcales. Walk through the Hidalgo garden to one of the most popular bars in the area and feel like a local. End the night with a delicious Oaxacan dinner of your choice and full of new knowledge to share with others.


Mexico’s spirits tasting: pulque, mezcal, bacanora and tequila

The best way to learn about the differences of Mexico’s spirits is to try as many as you can! In this tour, taste Mexican drinks made from agave and learn about the story of the creation of agave at one of the most iconic pulquerias at downtown. Learn about the production process of mezcal and how it gets their unique smoky aroma. Learn the differences between the different types of tequilas there are! You’ll walk away from this tour being an expert about pulque, mezcal, bacanora, and tequila!


Mezcal Tasting and Lucha Libre Experience

This tour includes one of the most important activities of Mexican culture. Begin the night with an artisanal handcrafted Mezcal and learn about the drink. Later, learn about the history and impact of Lucha Libre and live the experience between the heroes and villains when you attend the Lucha Libre show. Join other travelers and locals and cheer on the night with your favorite souvenir mask! Gain an experience like no other and a new story to share.



Tequila & Mezcal Tasting on Fridays!

What a great way to start the weekend with a tequila and mezcal tasting in Guadalajara! Through this 2-hour tasting, you will become a true master of Mexican spirits and learn everything that an expert of Tequilas and Mezcales should know. Learn about the history, differences and similarities in flavor, color, aroma, production techniques, and of its origins. Walk out of this class an expert while making new friendships!



Gourmet Food Tour and Spirits Tasting

Enjoy a spirits tasting along with gourmet food which include 7 local plates and 3 Mexican spirits in some of the best local restaurants in Cancun. Visit some of the most popular restaurants without having to wait since everything is reserved in advance! Your guide will share stories behind each spot along the tour and will teach you the history and culture behind each food and drink. Taste one drink at every stop and enjoy experiences such as being serenaded by the mariachi, life at a traditional park and play Mexican games



Cook corn, beans and chilis along with a market tour and mezcal tasting

This is the ultimate way to learn flavors and styles of Oaxacan Cuisine while enjoying several drinks and learning about the culture in a market tour. Start the morning off with a visit to the local market and learn about traditionally used fruits, vegetables, cheese, chocolate and more. Later on, enjoy cooking followed by Mezcal tasting! This is a great way to try a little bit of everything in just 5 hours!



Fiesta Cooking Class

Not too sure what traditional Mexican cooking entails? Then this class is perfect for you. This class mixes an introduction to traditional Mexican cooking with some classic items while trying different margaritas along with a Mezcal tasting. Learn authentic recipes to delicious dishes such as tortillas, sopes, empanadas, tacos, and salsas and bring them home to your family all while trying different Mezcals and margaritas!


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