Best Cooking School in Ho Chi Minh City

Best Cooking School in Ho Chi Minh City

Rich historic city. Great culture. Cook on a Vietnamese farm.

What was once the most pivotal cities involved in the Vietnam war has become a city buzzing with energy. With its rich history and modernity combined, the food of Ho Chi Minh incorporates influences from both the past and the present.

All of the best cooking schools in Ho Chi Minh, this dynamic historic city, offer you to make local authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Some schools have classes that involve touring a local market, where you’ll be able to source your ingredients for your dishes. Or choose to go organic! Other cooking schools offer to take your class in an agricultural village where you will be able to source fresh vegetables from a local farm and experience what it is like to be a Vietnamese farmer for a day.

So are you ready to immerse yourself in rich Vietnamese culture? Check out our guide to the 'Best Cooking Schools in Ho Chi Minh City':

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