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The teacher for our small morning group was great and easy to follow. The two young women who greeted us at the meeting point were also very friendly and helpful playing backup roles during the class. That said, I feel like they’re trying to cram too much into too short an amount of time. The “market tour” really wasn’t. We walked to a stall where they’d clearly prearranged with the owner to stand there and show us which vegetables were which. We didn’t actually buy any ingredients there, nor were we shown “how” best to shop at an open-air market like this. It wasn’t at all busy; it would have been easy enough to actually do a short tour. And if that’s not in the cards, then why go at all? The produce lesson could have happened in the classroom I chose this class solely for the ability to pick my own five dishes to learn. I’m glad I did, but even the cooking was not completely ours. Our instructor showed us what went into each dish, and has us chop vegetables but when it was time to cook, other things — mainly proteins — suddenly appeared by our cooking stations. All in all, probably the most I could hope for in a half-day class; next time I’d choose something a bit more intensive.

reviewed by Tim B | Aug 2018

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