Top 5 Full Day Cooking Classes in Tuscany

Top 5 Full Day Cooking Classes in Tuscany

Enjoying your holiday in Tuscany? Got some extra time on your hands? Why don’t you join a full day cooking class in Tuscany! Cooking classes are a great way to get exposed to the local culture and tradition. Plus, you can take your skills back home and recreate your favorite Italian dishes! What better souvenirs can you get from your trip other than showing off to your friends and families how you effortlessly create the best Italian cuisine they ever tasted!


Here are five of the best one-day cooking classes in Tuscany you can take during your holiday!


Create your own authentic Italian pizza in a cozy farmhouse in Montepulciano

Enjoy a day in a beautiful countryside farmhouse, just outside of Florence! Learn step by step to make the perfect dough, shape, and sauce for an authentic Italian pizza. Feel at home with this friendly teacher and homey kitchen as you create your favorite Italian dish from scratch. After the course, sit back and enjoy your own creation. Wait until the end to enjoy a delicious surprise at the end of your meal!


Discover your passion for authentic Tuscan cuisine with an experienced chef

Using only the best herbs and local produce, enjoy a hands-on experience with the true soul food of Tuscany. Expand your knowledge of the many kinds of Italian food, as well as their history and culture. Get tips to improve your cooking skills and how to find substitute ingredients that work just as well for your meal! It’s perfect for those who’d want to recreate their favorite Tuscan delicacies back at home!


Spend the day making your own cheese in an old Tuscan farm

Who doesn’t love cheese? Tuscan cheeses are known for their unique processing and main ingredient; they use fresh, unpasteurized sheep’s milk. This results in a unique taste and aroma that you can’t find in any other cheese. You’ll also learn about the history of the traditions and culture involved in cheese making. Fun fact: This 37 acre farm was featured in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun! Spend the day on a romantic getaway with this unique course!


Bake unique Tuscan pastries, like the Cantucci, and other sweet treats

This one is for the sweet-tooths out there! This unique course is dedicated to introducing you to the local art of pastry making. A professional patissier guides you through the delicate steps in making the perfect Cantucci, a delicious Tuscan biscuit with almonds. Learn how to make other short pastry recipes like an irresistible yet simple jam among many others. At the end of the course, you’ll create the classic Italian dessert, Tiramisu! When you return home, impress everyone you know with your amazing sweet Tuscan treats!


Personalize your day with this flexible Italian cooking course with customizable options

Blessed with fertile soil and warm weather, Tuscany’s local produces are truly one of a kind. It’s no surprise the foods made from these superb ingredients are guaranteed to create the best kinds of dishes. Learn how to make the best Tuscan cuisines, be it pasta, bread, or pizza, using the best ingredients available. This course is also perfect for those with dietary restrictions! Since there is no fixed menu, you’d be able to cook a dish that fits your preferences. Discover how to create a perfectly healthy and delicious Italian dish to share with your friends and family back home!

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