10 Fun Things You Must Do in Mexico City

10 Fun Things You Must Do in Mexico City

Mexico City: Capital of Mexico and the Aztec Empire


Mexico City is known as Mexico’s high-altitude, densely populated capital with bits and pieces of the ancient Aztec population scattered throughout its walls.  


This adventurous city is exploding with amazing things to do around each corner. From exploring the ancient Sun and Moon pyramids of Teotihuacan to cruising down the waters of Xochimilco, Mexico City is the non-stop place for fun and adventure.


Today we're going over just 10 of the most fun things to do in Mexico City, but there's countless more, so it's time to get exploring.


We also have a little surprise waiting for you at the end of the article!


But let’s have a look first at our list below with 10 Fun Things You Must Do in Mexico City:


Museo Frida Kahlo


Know as “Casa Azul”, the Museo Frida Kahlo is the former home of, you guessed it, Frida Kahlo, and her husband , Diego Rivera. The home is painted in a stunning cerulean blue and filled with a collection of Kahlo’s pieces. Visitors will also be able to see works of art from a few other contemporary artists from her era.

This amazing museum has to be one your list of things to do in Mexico City. Not only will your be able to take in the art that shaped a culture, you’ll also take a step into the past as the house has been very well preserved. A collection of Kahlo’s clothes and corsets is found within the walls of the museum as well.

As a tips it’s suggested that you purchase tickets in advance. The Museo Frida Kahlo is very popular and is known to sell out.


El Zocalo and the Metropolitan Cathedral


The central square of Mexico City, Zocalo.

El Zocalo is a distinct representation of Mexico City’s historic downtown that you can’t miss on your trip. The expansive square features a variety of gorgeous, classical architectural sites to take in. There are ruins just below the city which are able to be toured and the Metropolitan Cathedral sits elegantly within the square.

After taking a look at these monuments, besure to check out the shops and restaurants featured in Zocalo. There’s plenty of terrace restaurants overlooking the plaza that’ll make for the perfect break between sight seeing.


Chapultepec Park


Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Mexico City by heading over to Chapultepec Park. This park is one of the largest in the western hemisphere spanning over 1,600 acres.

Chapultepec Park is a lush landscape filled with trees, lakes, and teeming with plant life. It’s considered to be the lungs of Mexico City with many of the trees providing fresh oxygen to the valley.

After taking a minute to lazily explore the park, you’re able to hop on a boat ride, take a step inside one of the many museums, or even take a peek at the free city zoo. It’s perfect break and should definitely be on your list of things to do in Mexico City.


Visit Sanborns


Near the base of Teotihuacan lies a very special restaurant named Sanborns. This iconic Mexican restaurant can be found across the country; however, this particular Sanborns has been kept to look like classic Mexico City. The selection of food is to die for. If you’re not ready for a full meal, no worries. Sanborns doubles as a cafe, perfect for a quick bite to eat before you go exploring the rest of Mexico City.

After grabbing a bite to eat at one of Mexico’s most famous restaurants, why no learn how to make some of the cities greatest dishes? Cookly has a variety of classes you can take that’ll teach you everything you need to know about Mexican cooking.





If there’s anywhere you visit in Mexico City it has to be Teotihuacan. This is the number one spot you must visit in the city. Teotihuacan translates to “City of the Gods” and was known as the largest city in the pre-Columbian Americas. This ancient Aztec city is said to have held 120,000 people and is a must-see site in Mexico City.

Teotihuacan is recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and features the Sun and Moon pyramids. It’s an amazing remnant of the Aztec population and a true site to behold in Mexico City. In the past visitors were able to climb the pyramids and their entirety; however, today you’re only able to climb half-way up due to safety precautions.



Mercado Roma


Mercado Roma is the gentrified area of Mexico City that no one wanted, at first. Protestors gathered round to prevent its creation, because they didn’t want to lose the historic side of Mexico City. Three years after Mercado Roma’s inauguration, the site is filled with bougie, upscale restaurants and shops.

It’s the perfect spot for trying Spanish wines and chowing down on some delicious tapas. There’s also plenty of opportunity to shop for pricey cheeses and classic snacks from street vendors.  

If you ate all the tapas you can’t handle, why not learn how to make some along with other Mexican dishes? Cookly offers multiple courses so you can enjoy a taste of Mexico any time you want!


Torre Latinoamericana


The Torre Latinoamericana was built in 1965 and stands at a whopping 44 stories. It’s known as the tallest building in Centro Historico and provides a site you can’t miss on your trip to Mexico City.

Visitors can tour the building and head up to the sky deck for a stunning 360-degree view of the city. There’s even a restaurant one floor below the sky deck, so you can enjoy a fantastic meal and view all at the same time!  

If you want an unprecedented view of Mexico City’s sprawling cityscape there is no better place to see it from that the Torre Latinoamericana.



La Lagunilla Market


One of the most if not the most famous markets in Mexico city, La Lagunilla. At 6 AM every Sunday, vendors comes from across the city to set up shop at this weekly open-air market. La Lagunilla market has ties to the pre-Hispanic period where locals would come to sell and trade at tianguis. These roots mean La Lagunilla specializes in antiques, like: records, mid-century furniture, jewelry, and vintage clothing. Oh, and don’t worry there’s plenty of food stalls, so grab a bite to eat and get ready to shop!

Keep in mind bargaining is expected, so if you want to get a great price you have to be willing to talk the price down a bit. And if you look foreign, don’t be surprised is some of the vendors try to upsell you!





Xochimilco is one of the last remnants of Lake Texcoco and is typically explored on boat by a trajinera. Trajinera and reminiscent of the gondolas in Venice. They’re flat-bottom boats, that are powered by a boatman with a pole. You’ll have to rent one of these if you want to explore Xochimilco the classic style. The prices are fixed and will usually take a few hours for an expansive tour.

It’s also important to remember that Xochimilco gets pretty loud on the weekends with visitors renting mariachi bands to enjoy a festive night on the water.

When you’re booking a trajinera, keep in mind that there are different routes you can take. It’ll also be advantages if you have a Spanish speaking party member on your Mexico City trip as it’ll make hiring a trajinera much, much easier. Before jumping on a trajinera, remember to pick up a few snacks from local vendors to really enjoy the relaxing cruise across Xochimilco!   

If you’re not able to bring a Spanish speaking friend along, Cookly offers a Xochimilco tour you can book before going! Not only will you get to cruise Xochimilco, you’ll go on a gastronomic tour and taste a variety of Mexico’s most delicious foods!


Take a Cooking Class


Mexico City is filled with amazing snacks and dishes just waiting to be eaten. While you’re out and about in the city you’ll be able to take part in some of the greatest food you’ve ever eaten. So, before heading home try out a cooking class!

They’re completely immersive and it’s always fun to learn something new when traveling abroad.


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