Meet the Locals: Chef Raph from Raph Regan in Naples

Meet the Locals: Chef Raph from Raph Regan in Naples

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A Naples native, Raph Regan is a chef and former owner of several restaurants throughout Europe.


He has been cooking since 2010, and his signature style is pairing local and sustainable ingredients to create vibrant flavors.


Raph used to run restaurants in Oslo, the capital of Norway, but moved back to Naples to start several food projects in 2015. 


Soon, he became tired of the constraints of the restaurant circuit and decided to throw all limitations and routines out of the window.

His goal: to achieve total freedom away from standardized dining experiences.


Today, Raph has developed his own unique style of cooking focusing on sustainable ingredients farmed naturally or in the wild

Raph drew heavily on his previous experience on a biodynamic farm in Olso. He is also fascinated by fermentation processes, and is continuously experimenting with preservation techniques to develop new and unique flavors. 

Raph now runs one of the most unique food experiences available in Italy. 

Join him in his backyard at home, where you’ll be surrounded by organic plants, veggies, and the warm glow of cosy garden lights as you cook up a delicious feast.

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Of course, the best trips are the ones where you have a local friend who knows the city like the back of their hand.

So we asked Chef Raph for his top 5 hidden gems in Naples — make sure you check them out! 

  1. National Museum
  2. Mercato Sanita
  3. The view from Corso Vittorio Emanuele
  4. Pedamentina
  5. Mercato Pignasecca 

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