Unique Foodie Experiences in Bali

Ever wanted to discover something more and different during your trips? Although Bali has been amplified with plenty of activities to satisfy millions of visitors that come every day, the beautiful island still has even more things for you to experience for yourself. While a day in the local kitchen might be a wonderful challenge, perhaps you’d prefer something more unique to brag about when you get back. Check out the list below for unique experiences to try during your travels in Bali! 


1. Explore the extraordinary world of taste and aroma of Balinese coffee

Bali is well-known for its unique coffee culture. For generations, coffee has been a big part of the local life; it is literally an acceptable excuse for people to gather around and bond together over coffee! One of the most famous (and most expensive) coffees in the world is Bali’s own Kintamani coffee. In this unique course, you would be taken on a journey to explore the process of creating the best cup of coffee, from scratch to finish. You’d visit the traditional coffee farm in Kintamani, meeting the farmers who spend their lives in coffee plantations. After all the knowledge exchange, you’d get a chance to learn how to roast and process the coffee beans. It’s the perfect class for those of you who’d like to experience something unique and personal in Bali!


2. Make your own virgin coconut oil the traditional way in a local village

Coconuts are a very important plant in many Asian countries. In Indonesia, there is a saying that people should live like a coconut tree; they can grow on whatever shore they’re stranded in and all the parts of the coconut tree are very useful. Coconut oil is also very healthy and very fragrant, and you can try making your own from scratch in this traditional Balinese village. Not only will you get knowledge of the process, but you’d also catch a glimpse of life as a local in Bali!



1. Discover the street food of Bali and best kept hidden places only the locals know

Take an early road trip with your friendly guide and discover the best street foods that only the locals know of! Whether it’s your first time in Bali or you’re a regular visitor, you’re guaranteed to be surprised by even more hidden spots that are easily overlooked. Take a break from your self guided Bali journey and get insights into the local hangout spots. This is definitely an experience you’d not want to miss!


2. Wander around a rice field and get to know how to cook traditional Balinese dishes

If you’re exploring Bali, you will definitely see a “terasering”. Terasering is a unique way that the Balinese people invented in order to grow rice vertically, which really works out well in Bali because of the uneven terrains. This traditional rice field helps the environment, since it reduces water usage, and is also contributing to the environment. In this short course, you’d get to learn and explore a traditional rice terrace and their organic garden. Get to know the insights about rice cultivation! After that, you’d also get a chance to cook up the best Balinese cuisine you’d ever tasted. It’s the perfect chance to get the best experiences in Bali!



1. Explore the local fish market and cook special Balinese dishes

There’s something fishy about this class. Literally. While market tours and cooking classes might be quite easy to find, this class will take you to visit the biggest fish market in Bali. Since Bali is an island, there are quite a number of dishes that uses seafood as their main ingredient. You’d get to see and learn new, exotic fish species you might never have seen before! Then, you’d also learn how to cook up Bali’s special occasion dishes. A precious chance for you to learn a new skill during your holiday!


2. All-in-one cooking class; from the farmer’s market to organic farm tour to cooking traditional Balinese dishes

This is for those of you who have a whole day to spare lto live a day in the lives of the locals! This class takes around seven hours and you’d get to really experience the heritage and culture of Bali. Learn all about the traditional herbs and spices which are essential to Balinese dishes. The cooking class itself is divided into two sessions, which is a good thing since you’d have time to chill and relax first before continuing with the lesson! The place is surrounded by a breathtaking view of mountains, rice fields, and the sea. It really is an all in one package and a chance for you to get the true Bali experience!

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