5 Best Wine Tours and Wine Tastings in Chianti

Try some of the best classic Italian wines when visiting Chianti!

One of the most well known beverages in Italy is the classic Italian wine. But, how would you know which wines are the best to buy and how can you differentiate between the types of wines? We’ve created a list of the best wine tours and wine tastings to try when visiting Chianti with other travelers. Gain more exposure to the types of wines and be able to teach your friends and families back home about which wines are authentic.


1. A super wine tour while exploring vineyards, olive groves, noble castles and villas

Learn the differences between the Chianti wines and “Chianti Classico” wines and which wines pair best with your favorite foods. A wine expert will guide you to two famous wineries and an award winning boutique winery to learn about the different methods of wine production. See the world famous Supertuscan vineyards in the most beautiful settings such as medieval castles and noble villas. This tour provides you with a lot of experience and new techniques to share with friends and family back at home!


2. Learn how to make wine at a wine lab over a delicious dinner

The two essences of Tuscan food and wine culture include wine and olive oil. Discover all the secrets of production of wine and olive oil while dining at a boutique winery in the Chianti Wine region. Learn the sophisticated techniques of winemaking and understand how different varieties of pure wines are blended to obtain final complex wines. This is a great chance to learn more about wine production and teach your friends about which wines pair well with meals!


3. Essence of Tuscany - wine and olive oil while sightseeing

This tour will be a great chance to taste wine and olive oil along with a day of sightseeing in San Gimignano, Volterra and Val d’Elsa. You will have a guided tasting of at least 4 wines and at least 3 extra virgin olive oils. The delicious tasting will also be accompanied by appetizers and snacks with Mediterranean flavors. If you already have a heavy itinerary planned, this is a great and simple short 1-hour tour for you!


4. World-famous “King of Italian Wine” tour in the Tuscan Heritage

During this expert-led tour, discover the world-famous Wine Spectator’s prized brunello di Montalcino. This is one of the most well known wines worldwide and one of the most esteemed wines in all of Italy. Visit two of the best wine cellars that produce the same Sangiovese grapes. Learn the most expert pointers on how to best taste wines and about the innovation and tradition of Brunello wine production!


5. Travel and explore Chianti Classico wine and olive oil trail in Tuscany

What better way to try the well known Chianti Classico and explore the Olive Oil Trail with a small group of other travelers? This tour is a great opportunity to explore the olive groves, cypresses and vineyards which produce some of the best wines in the world! Learn about the different characteristics of wine and how to distinguish the acidity and taste. This wonderful trail will also give you the chance to learn more about the history of wine and how to keep the long lasting traditions alive. This is a great opportunity to explore parts of Tuscany while learning about the history and tastes!


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