Best Pizza Making Classes in Tuscany

Do you know what rhymes with Italy? Pizza! (No it doesn’t, but everyone deserves a good pizza when traveling in Italy.) While eating pizza is great, why don’t you take your experience to the next level and learn how to make your own pizza in Tuscany!

We’ve gathered the best pizza making classes that you can take during your travels. With these classes, you’d definitely have more than just gifts to share with your friends and family once you’re back home!


1. Enjoy Chianti's Countryside Vibe and Create Your Own Pizza and Gelato

Start your journey by riding a minivan to the countryside and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Tuscan Hill and Florence by night. Learn the secret to making a traditional pizza with the family’s secret recipe that you can recreate back home!


2. Fresh Pasta and Pizza Making Class in San Casciano de Bagni

Explore the various styles of pizza and pasta at this homey kitchen! Enjoy a five-course dinner with the dishes that you have prepared. You will also learn how to prepare your own authentic tiramisu. Take a breather and sip the complimentary limoncello, and even get the recipe to create your own limoncello at home!


3. Learn How to Prepare a Traditional Italian Pizza with a Professional Chef

Get exposed to a full Italian experience in this cooking class. Be taken to a private estate on top of the hills directly overlooking the city of Florence. Learn all the different methods of pizza making depending on the region. Under the careful guidance of a professional chef, you’ll be able to create your own one-of-a-kind pizza!


4. Be Part of the Culture with this Family Cooking Class

Take a break from your travels with this relaxed, family-friendly cooking class that will teach you the art of dough-making. As you knead and roll, you will learn about the history of pizza and the culture involved in it. After that, you’ll get to make your own gelato from scratch too!


5. Get Exposed to the Tradition of Pizza and Pasta Making

Practice the traditional ways of creating pizza and pasta from scratch with this cooking class in Tuscany. Make focaccia and various types of pizza and while you wait for them to bake, learn how to make the best tagliatelle and ravioli, with simple but absolutely delicious sauces that you can easily recreate back home!


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