Koh Phangan’s Private Chef: A Spotlight on Island Cuisine

Last Updated on December 27, 2023

Nestled in Koh Phangan’s verdant jungles and serene beaches, Private Chef Mendy is redefining the island’s dining scene. From her vibrant DJ past to her current culinary escapades, she’s a story in every dish she serves.

From Touring the World as a DJ to Becoming a Private Chef on Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan, a tropical paradise, is now home to a culinary treasure – Chef Mendy, renowned for her fun cooking channel “Shit Mendy Cooks” and as DJ Mendy Indigo. Once a familiar face in the DJ booths, Mendy’s life took a flavorful turn during Covid. Swapping beats for bites, she nestled herself into a native fisherman’s family on Koh Phangan. There, among the locals, Mendy discovered the island’s best-kept secrets: its cuisine. This experience introduced her to the island’s unique cuisine, a hidden gem of Thailand.

Famed for its seafood, Koh Phangan’s dishes, like the traditional ‘Wai Kua’ octopus coconut soup, beautifully showcase the island’s distinct culinary culture. Embracing these traditions, Mendy now offers a range of personalized food experiences. From private chef table dinners in her cozy jungle home to bamboo cooking experiences amidst the lush jungle, Mendy brings a taste of the island to life.


Mendy also provides exclusive private chef services, preparing 5 or 7-course dinners at client villas. These meals feature local traditional Southern Thai dishes, the freshest seafood, and her signature creations like the sought-after pomelo salad.

Beyond her culinary creations, Mendy has expanded her horizons by opening a store on the island, where she offers a selection of Thai craft, natural products, and high-quality Thai ingredients – all key elements she incorporates into her own cooking.

Mendy’s journey on Koh Phangan is not just about food; it’s a celebration of culture, local ingredients, and culinary innovation. She’s not just a private chef; she’s a culinary ambassador, bringing the essence of Koh Phangan’s cuisine to the world.

Mendy’s Culinary Offerings on Koh Phangan

Embark on a journey through Chef Mendy’s unique culinary offerings, where each experience is a blend of tradition and her creative flair. From interactive bamboo cooking sessions to intimate chef’s table dinners, here’s a glimpse into the diverse and tasty world of Koh Phangan’s beloved private chef.

Bamboo Cooking in the Jungle of Koh Phangan

Join Mendy for an outdoor bamboo cooking adventure. In a secluded spot by the river you’ll learn to cook with bamboo and clay, preparing authentic Thai food. This three-hour session, available in both morning and afternoon slots, offers a unique meal experience for small to large groups.

Chef’s Table at a Jungle Home on Koh Phangan

Dine at Mendy’s jungle home with an ocean view, enjoying a family-style shared Thai dinner. This experience showcases regional traditional dishes with local seasonal ingredients, from local octopus curries to the day’s fresh catch, along with Mendy’s signature dishes. The dinner starts at 6 pm, perfectly timed to catch the sunset.

Private Chef at Your Villa on Koh Phangan

Experience a Thai family-style dinner menu at your villa. Mendy focuses on sharing local dishes using seasonal ingredients found on Koh Phangan. The service includes a choice between a standard set and a premium set, each offering a selection of dishes, including a dessert.

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Sprout Specialty Store on Koh Phangan

Mendy’s Sprout Store is more than just a shop; it’s a celebration of Thai culture. Here, you’ll find a collection of Thai crafts, gifts, and experiences, including organic ingredients and handmade pottery, all sourced locally. Sprout Store represents Mendy’s commitment to sharing and preserving Thai culture while supporting local communities.

How Can You Experience Mendy’s Cooking?

Her private chef services are open for bookings, offering a taste of local Thai dishes and her unique creations. Visit her website for more details at: www.sproutthailand.com

Where is the Sprout Store Located?

Here is the Google Maps Link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/icHzDzBDFGYRAz8M8

Don’t Miss Out on the Highlight of Your Koh Phangan Trip

Chef Mendy’s journey on Koh Phangan isn’t just about food; it’s a cultural immersion. From her bamboo cooking experiences in the jungle to the serene chef’s table dinners and private villa services, every experience she offers is a testament to her love for Thai cuisine and culture. With Mendy, every bite is not just a meal; it’s a story of Koh Phangan’s rich heritage and her own vibrant journey. Make sure to taste her food and visit her store!

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