Best Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Classes in Ubud

Are you looking for the best vegetarian and vegan cooking classes in Ubud, Bali?

We know it can be hard to get by as a vegetarian or vegan when traveling. Luckily in Bali there are many choices when it comes to finding the perfect cooking class. Especially when you come to Bali’s spiritual center Ubud: organic cooking schools, farm cooking, visit rice paddies, pick your own fresh ingredients… whatever you are looking for, you will find it in Ubud. 

No matter if you are a vegetarian or vegan, Ubud is the best place for a Balinese cooking class (although you can also find great cooking classes in Seminyak)!

And the best thing:
The vast majority of cooking classes in Ubud are very cheap. So even if you travel on a budget, you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience!

We have listed the best vegetarian and vegan cooking classes in Ubud, Bali for you! Click the photos for booking. 

1. 7-Dish Cooking Class by Balinese Farm Cooking & Organic Farm

How about some Balinese farm cooking and visiting an organic farm in Ubud? The farm is based on a community project to preserve organic farms and contribute to local people in the village. This cooking class by Pemulan Bali is very popular among vegans and vegetarians alike.

Best thing about this cooking class:
It is also offered in another version that includes a market tour for the same price.

2. Authentic Cooking in a Traditional Balinese Village

Paon Bali Cooking Class is another popular choice when it comes to cheap vegetarian and vegan cooking classes in Ubud. This is a fun and easy cooking class where you will meet like-minded travelers, explore a traditional village and prepare food in a Balinese family home.

Best thing about this cooking class:
It’s so well organized that you can focus on the fun parts of cooking.

3. Food as Medicine: Vegan Hands-on Cooking Class

This cooking class lets you discover the healing properties of spices and their history. You can enjoy a hands-on cooking class with a colorful menu of delicious Balinese dishes followed by non-dairy coconut ice cream.

Best thing about this cooking class:
It is completely vegan.

4. Vegetarian Cooking Class with Rice Paddy & Organic Farm Tour

This cheap vegetarian cooking class has it all! It includes visiting a local market, a rice field tour and organic farm cooking in Sidemen village. A big plus is that the meals are cooked in the traditional way with firewood in a lovely open-air kitchen.

Best thing about this cooking class:
You have the possibility to swim in a refreshing river in Sidemen.

5. Vegetarian Ketut’s Balinese Cooking Class

This vegetarian cooking class starts with a tour to a local market where you will not only learn about Balinese foods, but also about the culture and lifestyle. At the cooking school, you will be provided your own cooking station and prepare all the 9 dishes yourself.

Best thing about this cooking class:
Its hands-on approach, so you will be able to easily reproduce the dishes at home.

6. Pure Plant-Based Vegan Balinese Cooking Class in Organic Garden - 8 Course Feast

Last but not least, this purely plant based cooking class is an incredible experience. You will not visit a market, but rather pick the ingredients yourself from an organic garden. Then you will learn how to prepare 12 recipes merged to a 7-course feast, so better come hungry.

Best thing about this cooking class:
The setting – house, kitchen and garden are simply beautiful and absolutely instagram-worthy.

You want to explore more vegan & vegetarian cooking classes in Ubud?

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