Cooking Classes in Tuscany for Vegetarians and Vegans

While exploring the quaint villages and rolling hills of Tuscany, why not surround yourself with delicious food as well! Check out five of our favorite classes in Tuscany which can cater to vegans and vegetarians and provide you with an unforgettable Italialian cooking experience.


1. Cooking and Drinking in a Tuscan Farmhouse

Cook alongside a local chef using estate made olive oil and seasonal vegetables to create an amazing four course meal to enjoy with tastings of the local organic Chianti wine. Discover why reviving historic Tuscan recipes using a contemporary twist is so important to the cooking culture in Tuscany. Your senses will be delighted while preparing an appetizer, soup, homemade pasta, and dessert during this farmhouse cooking class!



2. Vegan Cooking Class with Tuscan Recipes in Lucca

Local olive oil, whole grains, and fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs from the garden are all you need to create a healthy and delicious meal. Harvest what you need to make flavorful bruschetta and a vegan ragù sauce for your hand made pasta and bread. Experience how healthy Italian cooking can positively affect your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


3. From Garden to Oven: Cook 4 Tuscan Dishes in an Old Farmhouse

Surround yourself with sunflower fields, vineyards, and cute farm animals while you cook up a four course meal in a Cortona farmhouse. Use your senses to choose and harvest the best tomatoes, basil, and even zucchini flowers right from the backyard garden. Indulge in your homemade panzanella, stuffed vegetables, bruschetta, and zuppa inglese! Gluten free options area also available.


4. Cooking Class Specializing in Tuscany, Umbra and Laziale Cuisine in San Casciano dei Bagni

Surrounded by nature in the Tuscan countryside you will enjoy the freedom of customizing your own menu to accommodate your specific tastes. Imagine creating a meal of caprese salad, stuffed courgette flowers, eggplant parmesan, and pasta with seasonal porcini mushrooms. Once the menu is set you will cook alongside a passionate and knowledgeable chef using modern and antique equipment to make an incredible Tuscan meal.


5. Tuscan Pastry Course in an Old Tuscan Farm

If you are all about ‘what’s for dessert?’ while traveling, then this class is for you! Dive deep into the pastry side of Italian cooking and learn the secret to making a versatile short pastry that you will incorporate into a jam tart as well as how to create the perfect cantucci (biscotti) and a traditional tiramisu. Treat yourself to your own homemade desserts with a cup of tea, coffee, or cappuccino.


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