5 Best Wine Tastings & Tours in Florence

Taste the best in Italian wines when you book one of Cookly’s five best wine tours and tastings for an unforgettable Florentine wine lovers experience.


1. Visit a 13th Century Farmhouse to Prepare a Four Course Italian Meal and Pair Each Course with a Different Local Wine

Arrive at an organic farm in the Florence countryside where the surrounding herb and vegetable gardens will inspire a culinary journey of the day ahead. Explore the wine cellar, dining room, and kitchen of the 13th century tower where you will prepare an exquisite four course meal. Finally sit down to your home-cooked meal with each course being paired with four different wines including a white, red, rosé, and sweet!


2. Go on a Journey to Appreciate Tuscan Wines Paired with Delectable Italian Bites Prepared by a Local Chef

Step into the MaMa Florence kitchen where you will be immediately handed a glass of sparkling wine and a small bite. This class will excite the palate with a fun and relaxing exploration into the world of unique Tuscan wines. A local chef will prepare several delicious mouthfuls that will be paired with four wines (two white and two red) that you will taste along with explanations by an expert sommelier.


3. Travel by Horseback to an Olive Oil Mill & Tuscan Vineyard Where a Food and Wine Pairing will Round out the Day

What could be more picturesque or romantic than a horseback ride through olive groves and vineyards of the Tuscan countryside? This adventure will begin with a relaxed ride on horseback to an olive oil mill for a tasting of gourmet olive oil. Next, head to an ancient wine cellar for a look into a unique wine making process. Finally, sit down to a lovely lunch that will be paired with the wines of the estate you just toured.


4. Learn the Nuances of Wine Making and Blending at a Boutique Tuscan Winery

If learning the science behind blending wines is your desire, why not spend an afternoon in the Chianti wine region at a hilltop winery? A local wine expert will take you through a tour of the ancient wine cellar and explain the unique techniques involved in wine blending. It all comes together when everyone sits down to a gourmet dinner to learn the best pairings of Italian wines with specific dishes.


5. Take a Tour of Two Very Special Wineries to Taste World-Famous Brunello Wine before Eating Lunch and Exploring a Medieval Village

Bask in a day of the rolling hills of Florence’s countryside to taste the world renowned Brunello di Montalcino wine and learn what makes this particular wine so precious. Discover the nuances of two different wineries that are different in size as well as their wine-making philosophy. Lastly, sit down to a traditional Tuscan lunch before taking a stroll through a nearby medieval village to hear stories about this historic area.


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