Top 10 Most Instagrammable Cooking Classes in Bali

We all know that a good and satisfying way to fully immerse in the local culture in Bali is through their food. When you taste the local cuisine, you get a view of how the locals their lives. How about taking it to the next level, and even doing it with style? 

With these fully immersive, totally Instagrammable cooking classes, you’re guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind experience that you can show off right away to your followers online! Here are our top 10 most Instagrammable cooking classes in Bali!


1. Join a full day cooking class with a locally famous chef

This fully entertaining but still highly professional class has all that you could ask from a one-day cooking class! You’ll be cooking a 10 dish local meal in a cooking school with Chef Bagus (whose name means “good” in Indonesian). He has years of experience working in renowned hotels across Bali and recently opened his own cooking school. This class provides all the knowledge you need to create a traditional Balinese dish, while having fun with this humorous chef. Plus, the end result is truly eye-catching. With Chef Bagus’ five-star hotel background, you’ll learn how to plate your dishes beautifully. Instagram-worthy? Absolutely.


2. Tour a local market and cook traditional dishes in a professional cooking school

Spend the morning exploring Bali’s traditional market while you hunt for the best ingredients. Then, move on to the beautiful kitchen that’s surrounded by a spectacular view of rice paddy fields, mountains, and the pristine sea. In this course, you’ll have a chance to travel to other parts of Indonesia through their cuisine. You’ll learn not just Balinese dishes but also other traditional foods throughout Indonesia. Don’t forget to snap a shot for the ‘gram after you have your fun in the kitchen!


3. Visit an organic farm and cook your favorite Balinese dishes

Take a day out of your travel and visit Ubud’s countryside. You’ll be taken on a trip around the organic farm, where your experienced guide will tell you all about the spices and ingredients that are important in creating Bali’s superb cuisines. Then, you’ll be taken to the kitchen where you’ll learn how to cook Balinese dishes. By joining this cooking class, you’ll be able to contribute to the local villages and farm. Furthermore, you’ll literally be cooking a farm-to-table meal. It’s perfect for those who want to contribute more to the local environment and society.


4. Explore a local village and cook in a traditional kitchen

cooking class in bali

Located in Laplapan Village in Ubud, this fully engaging cooking class allows you to interact and live a day in the life of the locals. Learn how to pick the best ingredients needed for your dish, and simple steps in creating the perfect local meal. There are also great options for vegetarians and vegans in this course. Immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere and learn something new in the heart of Ubud through this fun cooking class.


5. Learn new dishes in a beautiful and relaxing villa in Ubud

canggu cooking class

Get hands-on experience in creating the perfect Balinese cuisine from a professional chef. First, you’ll be taken to a beautiful villa with a great view of the city. There, you’ll start by learning the basic steps in preparing Bali’s exotic cuisines, including tips on how to find alternatives to ingredients that might be harder to find outside of Bali. This site provides the perfect backdrop for some very Instagrammable photo shoots.


6. Discover Kuta’s traditional market and join an exquisite cooking class

Join this cooking class and uncover the secrets to create your favorite Balinese dishes. Start the day off with a trip to the local market. Your friendly guide will help you navigate the alleys filled with aromatic spices and colorful ingredients that define Balinese cuisine. Later on, you’ll learn how to create your own traditional dish in a fun cooking class in the heart of Kuta. It’s a great opportunity for you to learn something more during your trip!

7. Join a local family in creating some of the best Balinese dishes

You’ll feel at home the moment you join this cooking class. Run by a local family, this class will show you how the locals live as the family teaches you how to cook everyday Balinese dishes. There will also be plenty of photo opportunities as you walk through rice paddies and local markets. Experience the most authentic cooking class in Bali through this course.


8. Spend the day with a Balinese fishermen

fishing in bali

In this unique cooking class, you’ll have to work harder to get your ingredients. Along with Bapak Wayan, an experienced local fisherman, you’ll sail on a traditional fishing boat and try your best to get your catch of the day. Get ready to whip your cameras out as you enjoy the morning sea breeze and the spectacular view of the nearby smaller islands and Mt. Agung! Back in the kitchen, learn how to prepare your catch in a fully traditional Balinese style. To end your day, enjoy your hard work while watching the sun set into the horizon from the terrace with a beautiful view of the natural surrounding!


9. Learn how to arrange offering dishes to the gods and make your own coconut oil

This full-day cooking class allows you to explore multiple aspects of the Balinese culture. You’ll get a chance to visit the local market as well as learn about rice cultivation. Then, you’ll be taught how to make coconut oil, how to create a basic paste for exquisite Balinese dishes, and finally how to cook those Balinese dishes you love! Perfect chance for you to experience what it truly means to be a local Balinese.


10. Learn how to brew the perfect cup of Balinese coffee

This one is for all of you coffee lovers out there! Indonesia has many remarkable coffee varieties, and Bali’s coffee beans are known for their unique processing and their fragrant aroma. One of the most famous types of Balinese coffee is Luwak Coffee, which is regarded as the most expensive coffee in the world. Outside of that, Bali is also known for their Robusta and Arabica coffee. Through this course, you’ll learn about coffee cultivation in Bali, and get a chance to try three types of local coffee. You’ll also get to experience for yourself how to make the best cup of coffee. When class ends, you’ll be sent home with your own freshly-roasted coffee for future brewing.


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