Where to Eat the Best Pizza in Rome

Where to Eat the Best Pizza in Rome

Are you on a hunt for the best pizza in Rome?

Eating the best pizza is something you must do in Rome. Pizza was invented in Italy so it is normal to see many pizzerias around the city. It can be kind of confusing since there are so many options on where to eat and what to get. When you are in Rome, two common types of pizzas that you will encounter are pizza al taglio and pizza napoletana.

Pizza al taglio literally means “pizza by the cut”. This type of pizza originated in Rome so you’ll see it a lot! You can find this type of pizza in bakeries and pizza joints around town. It is usually rectangular shaped and served on the go. Unlike the traditional pizza, there is more variety in pizza al taglio.

Pizza napoletana, also known as neapolitan pizza, is a more traditional pizza. It is very thin and has a fluffy crust. It is usually made out of tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and topped with basil.

If you are looking for the best pizzas in Rome then this guide is for you! Here are 7 places that serve the best pizza in Rome.



Pizza Zizza Caffetteria Birreria Desserteria

Can you say this catchy name 5 times in a row?

PIzza Zizza serves pizza a wide range of pizza al taglio! This restaurant is really popular among tourists since it is really close to the Vatican. There is usually a long line but it is worth it! The price for the food and drinks are pretty inexpensive so try as many slices as you can!

If you want to try a variety of pizza, then you should get the sampler plate. It comes with 6 different types of pizza! You might want to get seconds afterward.

Address: Via Delle Fornaci, 11, 00165, Rome, Italy

Opening Hours: Monday- Saturday 12- 8pm


Pizzarium Bonci

 by Bonci

Unique flavors but definitely delicious!

Also located near the Vatican, Pizzarium is another popular spot but unlike Pizza Zizza, it is priced by weight. This is not a sit-down restaurant since the store is really small. You have to grab a ticket and wait for your number to be called before you can order your pizza.

They have unique toppings such as zucchini flowers and potatoes! Don't be scared to try these toppings, they are one of the more popular choices!

Address: Via della Meloria, 43, 00136 Rome, Italy

Opening Hours: Monday- Sunday 11am- 10pm


Forno Campo de' Fiori

 by Ziggy

In Italy, you can buy pizzas in bakeries!

There are a lot of great restaurants in this neighborhood but make sure to save some room in your stomach for pizza! Forno Campo de’ Fiori sells some of the best pizzas in Rome along with other baked goods. There are no seatings here so you enjoy your pizza while you walk around Campo de’ Fiori.

It is located in an area where locals like to shop and enjoy their leisure time so this bakery is not a tourist trap. The pizzas are always fresh, you can even see the employees making the pizza! Be sure to try a slice of the pizza Bianca along with other baked goods. 

Address: Vicolo del Gallo, 14, 00186 Rome, Italy

Opening Hours: Monday- Saturday 7:30am- 2:30pm, 4:45- 8pm


Emma Pizzaria

Grab a bite to eat after touring the city

If you are looking for an elegant restaurant near Campo de’ Fiori or the Pantheon, then Emma is a good choice. They have tasty Neapolitan pizzas and a good range of wine! The prices are a little more expensive, however, the quality of the ingredients makes it worth it!

There are many great pizzas at Emma but a popular item on the menu is the Pata Negra pizza. You'll enjoy this pizza if you're a meat lover because it is loaded with Spanish ham! As for the appetizer, the artichoke salad is also a good recommendation. 

Tip: Make a reservation to avoid a long wait!

Address: Via del Monte della Farina, 28, 00186, Rome, Italy

Opening Hours: Monday- Sunday 12:30- 3pm, 7- 11:30 pm


Ristorante Pizzeria i Fratelli

Best pizza in the San Lorenzo district

Ristorante Pizzeria i Fratelli offers authentic Italian food as well as friendly service! This restaurant is popular among students since it is located near a university. The food and drinks are reasonably priced for the quality experience you will receive!

You'll encounter a delicious aroma as you enter the restaurant that will make you hungrier! Aside from the pizza, the seafood is also delicious! 

Address: Via Degli Umbri 14/18, 00185, Rome, Italy

Opening Hours: Monday- Sun 12-3pm, 7pm- 12 am


Pizzeria da Remo

 by Derigo

Get pizza after a night of drinking!

Pizzeria da Remo is located near some clubs and bars. If you are craving pizza after a night out then Pizzeria da Remo is the place to go since they open until 1am! Although their pizzas are crispy and thin, the edges tend to be burned but you can pick them off. They have a lot of great options for vegetarians as well!

You must try the buffalo mozzarella and the zucchini flower pizza when you come here! The meal goes really well beer and suppli as an appetizer.

Address: Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice, 44, 00153, Rome, Italy

Opening Hours: Monday- Saturday 7pm- 1am


Al Forno della Soffitta

Pizza and Buffet!

Al Forno della Soffitta puts a spin on pizza napoletana. You can get the traditional cheese and tomato pizza or you can get something more unique! They are known for their pizza but they also have a lunch buffet!

A buffet is a good option if you are looking for the best value. You'll get to try out an assortment of food from the restaurant! If you don't want a buffet, you can still order from the regular menu during lunchtime.

Address: Via Piave 62/ 64, 00187, Rome, Italy

Opening Hours: Monday- Sunday 12- 3:30 pm, 6pm- 12 am.

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