Sushi Making Classes in Tokyo

Sushi Making Classes in Tokyo

Want to finally learn how to make your favorite Japanese dish? We have 6 cooking classes in Tokyo that will teach you how to make sushi. Read on to find out which one will be the best for you!


Sushi for everyone

The sushi making class at Chagohan Tokyo allows you to pick between learning how to make traditional sushi, vegetarian sushi, and mille-feuilles sushi. This class is also located in Asakusa, a great neighborhood in Tokyo where Kappabashi Kitchen Town is located. Make sure to plan ahead and save some time to walk around this area of Tokyo.


Try your hand at Sushi Making

Do you want to learn how to make different types of sushi in one class? At Cooking Sun you will learn how to make 7 types that you can make for your friends and family back in your own kitchen. If you’re looking for a professional and comfortable studio setting then this sushi making class would be perfect for you!


Sushi Making Workshop near Tsukiji Fish Market

A sushi making class near to Tsukiji might be any sushi-lover’s dream. Learn how to make sushi from a sushi-master in just 90-minutes. You will make sushi with tuna, salmon, scallops, and so much more!


Learn Sushi, Tempura, Home Cooking or Wagashi with Private local chef

Take this sushi making class with a professionally trained chef, Furuya-san. He has many years of working in restaurants under his belt and now has a new mission: to spread Japanese cooking to the whole world. Take this class to make some very photogenic and delicious sushis.


Learn to make Sushi, Bento Box or a Japanese dish

Mayuko will introduce you to sushi-making in her little kitchen in the middle of Tokyo. You can choose between making traditional sushi, or vegetarian sushi. If you are looking to explore around the Shinjuku area, then this is a great class for you to pick! Mayuko’s apartment is also very close to Shinjuku Gyoen Park too so you can walk your meal off after the your sushi class. 


Let's Make Sushi Together in Kanagawa!

At Sahanji Cooking Class, a Japanese Sushi chef and Japanese high school students help you to communicate during the class so that you won't have any disability. If you want learn how to make sushis of any type, this cooking class is for you!

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