Best Vegan and Vegetarian Cooking Classes in Chiang Mai

Best Vegan and Vegetarian Cooking Classes in Chiang Mai

Are you tired of trying to find foods that you can eat as a vegetarian or vegan while traveling in Thailand?

Who doesn’t know the feeling when you are hungry and suddenly there is this irresistible smell: a hint of fried garlic, exotic spices and some morning glory promising a mouth-watering feast! Full of joyful anticipation you locate the smell’s source… and see that meat is being cooked. What a bummer! Some fresh fruits will have to do it instead.

Of course Thailand has a lot to offer when it comes to fresh fruits, but Thailand is world-famous for its amazing food and as a vegetarian or vegan you shouldn’t have to miss out on that.

So what can you do?
The answer is simple: take a cooking class and cook your own Thai food!

Chiang Mai is the best place for a Thai vegan or vegetarian cooking class.

And the best thing:
A Thai cooking class won't break the bank, because most of the cooking classes in Chiang Mai are fairly cheap. 

No matter what kind of Thai cooking class you are looking for - half day, full day, with market tour, in a village, or with a garden - you will find it on Cookly.

We have listed the best vegan and vegetarian Thai cooking classes in Chiang Mai for you.


Vegan/Vegetarian Thai Cooking Class by Kay Maidee Chiang Mai

May Kaidee has been around since 1988 and is known to vegetarians and vegans throughout the world. Classes are held over half a day either in the morning or afternoon. With raw food tutorials, traditional Thai dancing and discussions, May Kaidee offers a lot of more than an ordinary cooking class. And of course you get to take the recipes back home.

Best thing about this cooking class:
There is also an express vegan/vegetarian cooking class in Chiang Mai, their May Kaidee Tanao restaurant and another branch of May Kaidee in Bangkok.



Cooking with Fresh Ingredients at Organic Farm with Local Market Tour by Baan Farm Thai Cooking School

Spending your time on an organic farm and cooking delicious vegan/vegetarian Thai food with fresh ingredients sounds good to you? Then you are in for a treat when you pick this class. Besides being on an organic farm, you also get to visit a local market and a hands-on cooking class.

Best thing about this cooking class:
The farm to table approach where you can be sure to have only fresh ingredients. Oh, and did we mention the stunning view?



Home-Cooked Northern Thai Cuisine & Market Tour by Trichada The Cookery Home

Start the cooking class with a market tour in Chiang Mai where you will learn about the local life and pick up fresh ingredients for the cooking class. After the market tour you will enjoy the preparation of 5 vegan or vegetarian dishes in a Thai home with a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Best thing about this cooking class:
The wide selection of dishes you can choose from in each category.



Thai Akha Tribe Cooking Class & Market Tour by Thai Akha Cooking School

The cooking school is located inside the old city wall of Chiang Mai. Beside learning how to cook vegan/vegetarian Thai and Akha food, you will also get insights into both two culture and their differences. The kitchen is outdoors and set up with an atmosphere that reflects a mix of Thai and Akha culture.

Best thing about this class:
Another version of this cooking class is also available in the evening, so you can have a great vegan or vegetarian feast for dinner.



Cooking Class in a Picturesque Garden with Market Tour by Green Mango Thai Cookery School

Green Mango Cookery School is located in Hang Dong District, a 20 minutes drive from the city centre of Chiang Mai, surrounded by a picturesque garden, bamboo, coconut trees and a rice field. You will get an authentic glimpse into the local life visiting a market and do the vegan/vegetarian cooking in small groups.

Best thing about this class:
You can also decide for a private cooking class or for a half day vegan/vegetarian cooking class if you don't want to spend a full day cooking.


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