French Pastry Classes in Paris

French Pastry Classes in Paris

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Bonjour! Welcome to the land of endless pastries. You will spend much of your time window shopping for your next pastry to bite into. We know this because this is what we always end up doing in Paris. Want to learn how to make some of your favorite French pastries to impress our friends and family back at home? We have some classes that would be perfect for you!


Private Choux Pastry Class in a Parisian Apartment

Choux pastry is a versatile recipe that you can use for eclairs, and of course for the airy chou puffs that you can find everywhere in Paris now. Didn’t you hear? They are the new it pastry in France. Learn how to make choux with Aurélie and Marion in their Parisian apartments. You will learn how to make choux two-ways. One savory with cheese, and the other with chocolate or vanilla cream and seasonal fruits.

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