Macaron Classes in Paris

Macaron Classes in Paris

Ladurée and Pierre Herme boutiques have popped up everywhere around the world. They are famous for their Macarons, and now you have the chance to learn how to make your own in Paris! We have three macaron classes in Paris that you won’t want to miss!


Private Macaron Baking Class in a Parisian Apartment

If chocolate is your favorite flavor then learn how to perfect your macarons au chocolat with Aurélie or Marion. These two Parisian women will teach you how to master the art of macaron making in their lovely apartment! You will learn how to pipe your fillings perfectly after you learn all of their tips. Aurélie and Marion will also teach you how to make other French favorites like financiers and madeleines. 


Macaron Class by Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse

If you’re looking to get a chef-approved recipe then you have to learn from one of France’s greats, Alain Ducasse. This is the right class for anyone who is looking to really perfect their macaron-making skills. The flavors of the macarons will vary according to the seasons. You will get to experience a life in the day of a professional chef in this class.

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