Paella Cooking Classes in Barcelona

Paella Cooking Classes in Barcelona

Paella is the dish that comes to everyone's mind when they think of Spanish food. We have five Paella cooking classes that we would like to recommend for you, but read on to find out which would be the perfect class for you on your next trip to Barcelona!


Local Market Tour and Seafood Paella Workshop

Visit a local market in Barcelona and shop for all the ingredients that you need for your Paella with Chef Josh. You will learn how to make seafood paella, as well as a Valencia-style paella with meat and vegetables. If you’re vegetarian, don’t worry! Chef Josh can accommodate that. Don’t forget about your crema catalana and sangria too! 


Barcelona Cooking Class & Market Tour

This cooking class comes with a tasting menu of the best that Barcelona has to offer. You will learn how to make a seafood paella, Spanish omelette, and crema catalana. That’s not all! You will taste some Iberian cold cuts, Manchego cheese, and mussels with salsa, just to name a few. This is the perfect class for those of you who want to taste a little bit of everything from Barcelona. 


Spanish Cooking Class + Boqueria Market Tour

Cook in a beautiful kitchen in Barcelona, just a few minutes walk from the local market. You will learn how to make paella, Spanish omelette, tomato bread, crema catalana, and sangria. This is the class for those of you who are interested in cooking with organic and local produce.


Spanish Cooking Class with Boqueria Market Tour

Join in on a fun paella class where you will learn how to also make appetizers and desserts. You will also be entertained with private wine labels while you cook and enjoy them with your four-course meal. Before all the cooking, you will meet some local vendors and buy your groceries from them .


Private Mediterranean Cooking Class & Market Tour

Do you want to learn how to make paella in a private class? You can learn how to make paella, Spanish omelette, and catalan cream in a lovely kitchen. Traditional garlic shrimp, and croquettes are also just a small selection of dishes that you will also be served at this cooking class.

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