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Thailand’s capital is a mixing pot filled with opulent malls and sacred temples. However, it can be argued that the vibrant street life is what makes Bangkok stand out from every city. Weave your way through the Chao Phraya river, and in every corner you will find that Bangkok’s streets are filled with food. Explore the food that makes Bangkok so special with our cooking classes that will teach you how to make authentic Thai food. Most of our classes start off with a local market visit where you will have the opportunity to pick out fresh ingredients to use in your cooking. Some of our cooking classes even involve you visiting a local farm and picking out organic ingredients there. We also offer classes with vegan options! Whatever cooking class you choose, you are sure to finish the class with a smile and will have acquired Thai cooking skills to take back home.
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Stephanie N. | 8월 2018

"Great Thai cooking experience."

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Alex A. | 7월 2018

"Great fun, fascinating experience"

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Elizabeth E. | 7월 2018



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Shannon L. | 7월 2018
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