Five Must Try Food Tours in Florence

Five Must Try Food Tours in Florence

Everyone craves delicious food when traveling but how do you know you’re trying the most authentic foods when in Florence? The foreign restaurant names and abundant amount can be extremely overwhelming. But that is no problem at all.

We’ve created a list of the best food tours and market tours to visit when in Florence to taste the most authentic food in Florence while learning with others. Here are just five popular food tours and market tours in Florence that will expose you to local culture and provides you with new recipes to share with friends and family at home.



Get exposure to the local market and learn how to cook an authentic four course meal

If you want to see the local markets to learn about popular seasonal ingredients such as fresh fruits and vegetables, juicy meat and fresh fish. Be sure to go on this tour to see the Florentine market and still have the opportunity to use those ingredients to cook an authentic Tuscan meal for a reasonable price.



Tour the Old Town and historic Bottegas, tasting traditional Tuscan products as you go

Learn from a professional Chef about the authentic historic Bottegas and taste some of the most gourmet typical Tuscan products. You will also have the chance to buy some of the freshest ingredients, such as potatoes and eggplants, to later cook with the Chef and make the most delicious lunch ever. This ensures a personalized experience that is truly one of a kind and will teach you so much while still having fun.



Meet local butchers, bakers, and farmers at this cooking class in Noble Villa

Enjoy a tour of the city center and the Farmers’ Market and meet locals along the way! You will have different tastings and buy some of the freshest ingredients needed for this cooking class. You will get to make different types of home-made pasta from scratch and a dessert. You will also learn from a Chef while enjoying the friendly company of others who are also learning with you.



Be part of history, with the first ever and most popular Cooking Class in Florence

Get a tour of the Central Market and meet butchers, bakers, and farmers to buy ingredients that you will need for your lunch. You will also get to enjoy a delicious tasting of products in season and gain more exposure to the freshest vegetables. You will make bruschetta, home-made pasta, sauce, and a dessert all accompanied by a professional chef.



Tour the Local Market, Sample Italian Wine, and Cook a four-course meal all in one

A tour guide will bring you around the Market to expose you to the locals. You will then have the opportunity to cook with a professional chef and make an appetizer, first and second course, and dessert while tasting two fine wines which are selected by an expert. This short tour will give you enough exposure to locals and provide you with a new meal to cook at home.


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