5 Best Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Classes in Mexico City

Mexico City offers travelers a wide variety of sights and sounds to take in while exploring this vast city.

One of the best ways to get to know a city is by tasting its authentic flavors through its local cuisine. Here are five of Cookly’s best Mexico City cooking classes that offer vegetarian or vegan friendly options.

1. Take a picnic over the lake of the Aztec Kings with a visit to a pre-Hispanic floating gardens

Go on an adventure to two different locations in Mexico City. First visit The Lake of the Aztec Kings aboard a traditional trajinera boat which is made by the local farmers. Enjoy a pulque tasting and visit several local food stores around the area while learning about what makes the history and culture unique to this area. Then visit a permaculture island to harvest fresh vegetables and prepare a meal aboard the boat enjoyed alongside other traditional dishes made by the local community.

Weekend Picnic Over the Lake of Aztec Kings with a Visit to Prehispanic Floating Gardens (Chinampas)

2. Explore vegan Mexican cooking with an engaging and fun hands-on class

Gather in an intimate Mexican cooking studio to discover the best vegan recipes that can be easily replicated at home. Learn about the history of Mexican cuisine while sipping an agua fresca. Get hands-on experience cooking a traditional menu with dishes such as a spicy stew made with mushrooms and a squash blossom salad which will pair nicely with a tasting of artisanal mezcal. Conclude the afternoon with dessert rice cooked in almond milk and coconut and hot chocolate.

Vegan Mexican Hands-on Cooking Class on Fridays

3. Prepare an authentic four-course Mexican meal while being immersed in traditional cooking techniques

Indulge the senses in a four-course Mexican cooking class and learn about the deep cultural history behind some of Mexico’s favorite dishes. The first course will have you cooking up some street style sopes with two different salsa toppings. Next put together a warm squash blossom salad made with an orange and honey vinaigrette. For the main dish, discover the ingredients to a delicious white mole which is a traditional celebratory dish of Mexico’s central regions. Finish the evening with cornbread and hot chocolate!

Authentic Mexican Cuisine Immersive Cooking Class & Dinner on Mondays

4. Meet for a guided market tour in Roma Norte followed by an authentic Mexican cooking class

Start the day with a guided stroll through the colorful market in the Roma Norte neighborhood. Use your senses to discover the exotic flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables being sold in the market stands and the unique aromas of Mexican herbs and spices. Then head to the kitchen to create a traditional four course meal that will be paired with mezcal, Mexican craft beer or Mexican wine.

Authentic Mexican Hands-on Cooking Class with Market Walk in Roma Norte

5. Shop the local market for the freshest ingredients that will be used to prepare an exciting traditional Mexican meal

Mexican cuisine has many ancient cooking secrets that your enthusiastic host is excited to share. But first, visit the local marketplace to pick out the best and most flavorful seasonal fruits and vegetables that will be included in the day’s menu. Take a short walk to the host’s kitchen where an authentic Mexican meal will be completely handcrafted in a beautiful setting. Take home new recipes and techniques that can be easily replicated in your home kitchen!

Traditional Mexican Cooking Class in Mexico City with Market Tour
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