Top 5 Food Tours in Oaxaca

Oaxaca is well-known for being an area rich with indigenous culture. This southwestern state in Mexico, with its isolating terrain and distinct climate, has its own gastronomic heritage. Here you will find authentic markets, pre-hispanic recipes, and a food culture steeped in tradition.

If you’re planning on visiting Oaxaca, consider spending time getting to know the area through its food. A great way to do this is to participate in a food tour or cooking class. 

Wondering about the best food tours in Oaxaca? Look no further. We’ve selected the top five food tours happening in this foodie paradise.

1. Learn about chocolate and maize, the “food of the gods”

Two of the most important foods to the people of Oaxaca are chocolate and maize. On this walking tour, you’ll learn about the history of these foods and what they mean to Mexico. Visits to three traditional markets and two of Oaxaca’s finest chocolatiers will have you tasting and discussing cacao drinks, rare chocolates, and heirloom maize foods.

2. Cook traditional foods with a renowned chef

This full-day event includes a market tour, farm tour, and cooking class. Chef Alejandro Ruíz, who is well-known for his famous restaurants in Oaxaca and Mexico City, guides participants will his extensive knowledge of native herbs, fruits, and vegetables. In a beautiful outdoor kitchen in rural Oaxaca, you’ll learn to cook these foods with traditional tools, like the comal and molcajete.

3. Taste authentic beverages made from the agave plant

agave drinks in oaxaca

The agave (or maguey) plant is used to make so much more than tequila. Mexicans have been using this plant for centuries to make various alcoholic beverages. On this tour, you’ll be introduced to meso-american folklore as you sample traditional drinks in a local market. You’ll try three distinct agave beverages – aguamiel, pulque, and tepache.

4. Take a market tour and learn to make tortillas

taking a cooking class in oaxaca

Starting with a walk through a nearby market, this Oaxacan food tour caters to the foods that participants want to learn how to cook. After setting the menu, you’ll be guided through the market to choose fresh ingredients. Attendees will learn to make tortillas from scratch along with various salsas, appetizers, mole, and dessert.

5. Make vegetarian food with authentic Oaxacan ingredients

prehispanic cooking class in oaxaca

For vegetarians and vegans, there are food tours and cooking classes in Oaxaca for you, too! This class will have you making authentic, delicious food that is all plant-based. After a discussion on traditional Oaxacan cuisine, take a tour through a market to learn about ingredients and collect what’s needed for the day’s menu. Then, learn pre-hispanic styles of cooking in this hands-on class. You’ll leave with an exciting collection of recipes that you can recreate at home.

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