Top 11 Housewarming Gifts for Friends and Family

A housewarming gift is a great way to show our appreciation for our friends and family and celebrate an important milestone in their lives. 

We all want to give them something memorable, sentimental, beautiful, and functional at the same time. But there’s no single dream gift for everyone.

If you need some inspiration to figure out what to get for your friend or relative to wish them a happy life in their brand new home, we’ve got your back! Here are the top housewarming gifts for friends and family that we’re sure they’ll be very fond of.

1. A Really Nice Chef’s Knife

A regular knife can do the job, but a really nice chef’s knife will make every home cook’s life easier. Quality knives are made from higher-quality materials, have better handles, and they’re sharper. Overall, a high-quality chef’s knife offers comfort and durability, making cooking exciting for the cook. 

2. Magnetic Knife Strip

By Matus Kalisky

You can put kitchen knives in a drawer or a knife holder block, but there are better ways to store your knives. Overall, a magnetic knife strip is a very good solution to keep various knives dry, separate, and safe.

There are all kinds of minimalist wooden, plastic, or stainless steel magnetic knife racks that can complement a modern kitchen. For a more traditional look, you may want to gift exquisite ones made of real wood with lots of organic grooves, like walnut or oak, or ones with a touch of epoxy. The possibilities are endless and all very functional and beautiful.

3. Wind Chime

A wind chime hung on your porch or balcony is a great way to add some peaceful music to your house and make yourself more at home in the new place. Their deep and high tones create positive vibes and they’re quite pretty to look at.

Wind chimes are commonly used in feng shui to discourage evil spirits or negative energy, and whether you believe in these things or not, we can all agree that their sound easily shifts the energy of a space. 

4. Gift Card for the Local Frame Shop

A fabulous wall decor goes a long way to turning your rooms into a beautiful, personal, and inviting living space. Photos and artworks add character to the space, and a beautiful frame completes the picture. Instead of trying to guess which frame they would like best, you can get your loved ones a gift certificate to the local frame shop so they can choose the best one for their artwork and memories. 

5. Set of Salsa Bowls

Is your friend or relative a Mexican cuisine aficionado? A nice set of salsa bowls can turn a dinner party into an authentic Mexican dining experience. And who would stop them from using it to serve all kinds of dressings too? This gift is a sure winner and will quickly become a kitchen tool they won’t be able to imagine their lives without!

6. Granite Mortar and Pestle

Speaking of salsas, a set of mortar and pestle is an essential tool to make delicious pastes and sauces at home. The authentic Mexican set of mortar and pestle is called molcajete, but you can also get an authentic Thai set made of granite, such as the beautiful and handcrafted KROK. Its natural stone texture makes it very easy to crush and grind spices and herbs and make many versatile recipes, from sauces to curry pastes and spice mixes.

7. Smoothie Maker

A smoothie maker is an excellent way to prepare quick and easy breakfasts on the go or quick snacks during the day whenever you feel peckish. Unlike regular blenders, you can crush ice safely in smoothie blenders and prepare ice-cold smoothies in the summer.

Smoothie machines are typically more compact than blenders, and you can blend right into the cup you’ll be drinking from. A small smoothie maker is guaranteed to motivate your loved ones to make more healthy drinks.

8. Indoor Grill

By Geoff Goselin

An indoor grill can be a paradigm shift for a cook that loves grilling. The convenience of plugging it in and starting to cook without having to set up the grill in the backyard or wait for nice weather is priceless.

Indoor grills typically run on electricity, and you can grill meats and vegetables, make bacon, eggs, and pancakes, and press sandwiches without filling your kitchen with smoke. They are easy to clean and have removable parts. If you think that woody, smoky flavor is indispensable, you can add a bottle of liquid smoke in there. As it’s very strong, just a couple of strokes with a brush will do the trick.

9. Simple Human Trash Can

Have you heard about simple human trash cans? If not, we’re here to surprise you by getting you excited over a trash can. Even though any old receptacle can do the trick when it comes to containing the trash until it’s time to take them out, Simple Human trash cans change the game.

Made of brushed stainless steel, these trash cans repel fingerprints and are very easy to clean. They let you trash and recycle in one place. The lid has a sensor that reacts when you wave your hand or when you use a voice command.

10. Set of Ramekins

If you ever had french onion soup, then you know how much value a set of ramekins can add to a kitchen. These small oven-friendly bowls are incredibly versatile and can broaden a cook’s recipe arsenal. You can use them to make single portions of meals, soups, desserts, and all kinds of quiches, creme brulee, souffle, or lava cakes… They also work as bowls to serve sauces, dips, and condiments. 

11. A Food Basket

Some people are very hard to shop for. They have everything they need and particularly hate knick-knacks getting in their way around the house. Even if you find the perfect decorative vase they could fall in love with it, it’s a gamble you might lose. A food basket can save the day in this case. 

Moving into a new house is always chaotic and tiring. A basket of homemade bread, jam, cookies, tea, or artisan coffee can be very helpful as they are settling in their place. If you want to make it more personal and memorable, add a couple of handmade coffee cups so they can remember this thoughtful gift for years to come.

Don’t Forget, Sharing Is Caring!

Moving can be tiring and exhausting, but it’s also one of the major events we go through in life, and being there for a loved one during this event is one of the things we can do to cherish each other.

We agree that gift-giving is hard, but we also hope you feel more confident your gift will be a success with this list. If you feel like you could still use some inspiration, check out our 25 useful gifts for people who like to cook and the 12 must-have kitchen tools.

Last Updated on August 22, 2022

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