Explore Five of Cookly’s Favorite Mexico City Food Tours

There is so much to see, smell, and taste in the colorful markets and eateries in Mexico City!

Join an enthusiastic local guide on a culinary tour of the most flavorful and authentic experiences this vast and exciting city has to offer.

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Arrive hungry for food and adventure for this exciting three hour guided tour of Mexico City’s most beloved local street food favorites. Start in the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood learning how to spot the best stands, how to order, and even get to know some of the cooks preparing the dishes. Eat your way towards the Roma neighborhood tasting delights such as homemade tamales, tlacoyos, pambazos, and tacos de canasta!

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A guided tour through the San Angel neighborhood of Mexico City is like a step back in time. Stroll along the historic cobblestone streets and take in the sights of exquisite colonial architecture, decorated stately mansions, and beautiful churches. During this walk, enjoy several stops at some beloved local eateries while continuing to explore this artistic community.

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So many market mysteries will be revealed in this exciting one of a kind guided tour. Begin at La Merced Market with a Mexican breakfast, fruit tasting, and opportunity to buy your own produce. Next at the Sonora Market identify medicinal plants and magical items believed to demonstrate the syncretism of beliefs in Mexico. Finally, the exotic San Juan Market will offer the chance to taste an iconic treat of grasshopper with worm salt if your taste buds are up to it!

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Join a knowledgeable host for a sweet and educational day of discovering the nuances of Mexican chocolate. Sample several roasted cacao beans, cacao butter, and high-quality chocolate bars while learning about the complete chocolate-making process. Get an exclusive guided tour of the Cacao Museum to find out the historical and cultural significance of this special crop. And satisfy your sweet tooth with tastings of specialty cacao drinks and other beverages made from this marvelous fruit.

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Discover Mexico City by night with the help of a local guide who will drive you to four different neighborhoods eating and drinking the lively flavors this inspiring city has to offer. A mezcal master will help you discern the intricate flavors while sipping this traditional pre-Hispanic drink to keep you enjoying the night. And visit multiple taquerías throughout the evening that offer traditional and contemporary treats such as the griddle taco and authentic northern style taco.

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