10 Best Things to Do in Florence

Explore the amazing city and soak in the history

Florence offers some of the greatest treasures to Italian history and culture. This fascinating city in Tuscany will provide some of the most unique experiences of your trip! Although the city is small, there are plenty of fun things to do in Florence.

It’s easy to get around the city by foot or by bicycle. As you roam around Florence, you will get to explore the modern side of the city as well as the medieval streets.

Whether you are here for a few days or a few weeks, this guide will provide some of the best things you must do while you are in Florence!

We have a little surprise for you so make sure you stay until the end of the article.

But first, let’s have a look at the 10 Best Things You Must Do in Florence: 


1. Take a Hike up Piazzale Michelangelo

hike in florence

Get a stunning view of Florence

This square is dedicated to the famous sculptor Michelangelo. As you make your way up here, you’ll find multiple copies of his work. There many great lookout spots in Florence but this is by far the best! It doesn’t matter if you come here during the day or at night, this is the best spot to get a panoramic view of the city.

While you are here, be sure to check out the rose garden as well. The garden is located at the bottom of the square, near the entrance. There is a wide variety of roses and a Japanese garden that was donated to Florence by Kyoto.


2. Visit the Uffizi Gallery

Admire the work of some of the most influential artists!

The Uffizi Gallery is a prominent museum that is home to some of the most famous artworks from the Renaissance period. It is one of the most visited museums in the world and attracts the most visitors in Florence. Some of the artwork once belonged to the affluent Medici family but were donated to the city later on.

Some important works from the museum include Birth of a Venus, Coronation of the Virgin, and Medusa.

Entrance Fee: Prices vary depending on the time of the year. During peak season, March 1st – October 31st, regular tickets cost €20. From November 1st to February 28, tickets cost €12.

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 8:15 am – 6:50 pm.


3. Take a Cooking Class to Learn More About Italian Cuisine

take a cooking class in florence

Enjoy a unique cooking experience at a farmhouse or a castle!

Learn how to make some of the most popular Italian dishes from professionals! The best way to learn about a country’s culture is through food. Despite language barriers and cultural differences, food always brings people together.

Cookly offers unique cooking classes that will make your time in Florence more memorable. We have cooking classes that take place in a classic Italian home, countryside, and even in a castle! If you want to find out more about where chefs like to buy their groceries, a lot of the classes also include a local market tour.


4. Admire the Architecture of the Cathedral of Florence

Climb up the dome of the cathedral!

Also known as the Duomo or Santa Maria del Fiore, this Gothic cathedral is an important landmark of Florence. This is one of Italy’s largest churches and can be seen from many sites afar. As mentioned earlier, you can even see this at Piazzale Michelangelo.

The interior of the cathedral is beautifully decorated with intricate floor tiles and frescoes on the ceiling. Examine Giorgio Vasari’s painting of the “Last Judgement” as you make your way up to the dome. You will also get a spectacular view of the city once you reach the top!

Good to know: If you do decide to climb to the top of the dome, be prepared to walk up 463 steps! There are no elevators and it is not recommended if you are claustrophobic.


5. Buy Some Leather Goods at the San Lorenzo Market

san lorenzo market florence
Photo by Nomadic Pursuits

Make sure to pack light so you can shop more!

Florence has many markets that sell leather goods but the San Lorenzo market is probably the most popular place to go shopping. You can find leather jackets, wallets, handbags, belts, and more at this market.

The best time to come is during the evening. You’ll get a better deal when the vendors are about to close for the day! Don’t hesitate to bargain also, you’ll be able to score a better deal on a unique item that you might not be able to find somewhere else.

Good to know: If you are looking for high quality, luxury leather accessories, make sure you go to an acclaimed shop. Not all the items here have the best quality.


6. Eat an Italian Style T-bone Steak

italian style t-bone steak
Photo by Italian Cultural Centre

Meat lovers will like this!

When you are in Florence you must eat the Bistecca alla Fiorentina, also known as Florentine steak. This simple but tasty steak is grilled to perfection. Steak is usually not associated with Italian food, however, this is the most common Tuscan cuisine. You can find this in many restaurants around Florence.

Before the meat is grilled, it is prepared a certain way in order to make it more delicious. This traditional Florentine dish is something you do not want to miss.


7. Stroll Through Piazza della Signoria

Time travel back to the past

Located near the Uffizi Gallery, this square has been the center of political life since the 14th century. Palazzo Vecchio, the town hall of Florence, is also located on this square. The Renaissance style buildings and statues will make it feel like you stepped into the past. Many historic events occurred on this square. If you want to learn more about its history, then be sure to visit the Piazza della Signoria!

You will find multiple statues around the square and a few that are sculpted in honor of the Medici family. The most prominent statue is probably the “Perseus with the Head of Medusa”, which symbolizes the power of the Medici. You will also find an imitation of the Statue of David.

Good to know: You can get a great view of the city if you climb up the tower at Palazzo Vecchio.



8. Roam Through the Halls of Palazzo Pitti

Get a glimpse into the lives of the most powerful family in Florence

This Renaissance palace is one of the many estates that were owned by the Medici family. This grand palace shows just how powerful and rich they were. Today it is owned by the state and is the largest museum in Florence.

The palace is divided into four museums, each of them being really distinctive and fascinating. You can see a wide collection of art, porcelain, theatrical costumes, and a lot more.

Entrance Fee: Depending on the time of the year you visit, the admission fee is different. During peak season, March 1st to October 31st, regular tickets cost €16. From November 1st to February 28, tickets cost €10.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 8:15 am- 6:50 pm.


9. Window Shop at Ponte Vecchio

Go jewelry shopping on a bridge?

Ponte Vecchio is a bridge unlike others mainly because there are built in shops! Many of these shops are jewelry stores. If you do not want to buy jewelry, it is still nice to admire the nice craftsmanship. Walking down this bridge will feel like you’re walking on a normal street.

Merchants have been selling goods on this bridge for centuries! Ponte Vecchio has a rich history that dates back to medieval time. It is also the only bridge in Florence that did not get destroyed during World War II.

Good to know: If you happen to be in Florence around December, you’ll be able to witness a light show on this bridge as part of the F-light Festival. Projections are reflected across 15 locations around Florence.


10. Go Wine Tasting at a Tuscan Winery

Get away from the city and explore the countryside

Tuscany is known for its landscapes, artistic legacy, and of course its wine! Make your way to a winery while you are in Florence. You can take a day trip to Chianti and visit the vineyards that produce some of the best wine!

There are many wine tours that will take you to a Tuscan winery. This is the best way to experience and learn how wine is made in Italy.

Wine pairs well with food. You can also take a cooking class while you are in the countryside!


This is it… plus a little bonus!

These were the top 10 fun things to do in Florence. Hopefully, you’ve gotten some insight on what you must see in Florence and had fun doing so!

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