Best Cooking Classes in Bangkok for Vegans and Vegetarians

Like all of the South Asian countries, Bangkok is known for its colorful and exotic cuisines. You can spend as much time as you like in Bangkok, but there will always be some new things to try. Thailand, in general, is blessed with fair weather, which creates the best local produce such as unique fruits and vegetables. Worried that you won’t be able to enjoy your travels as much because of your dietary limitations? Well, you can rest assured that you won’t be missing too much! 

Bangkok offers multitudes of vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes. What’s more, you can even bring a little bit of Bangkok back home if you learn how to create your favorite dish! Check out these vegetarian and vegan cooking classes below and learn a new skill during your holiday!

1. Discover the local traditional markets and learn how to make Thai street food

This cooking class is located within walking distance from Wat Pho, a famous tourist attraction in Bangkok. Because of that, you don’t need to go out of your way to get this cooking experience! Delve into the local scenery as you discover Bangkok’s traditional market. Your guide will tell you about the essential spices and ingredients needed for your dish. Then, you’d be taken back to the kitchen where the real action starts! This class is vegetarian and vegan-friendly, so you can enjoy a version of Bangkok street food that is applicable to you. 

2. Explore Khlong Toei Market and get hands-on experience cooking lessons

You will get to know Bangkok’s best local resources as you are taken to the largest traditional market in Bangkok; the Khlong Toei Market. Here, you’d learn and try for yourself to find the best produce for your recipe. Get to know the herbs and spices needed for Thai cuisines, and get hands-on experience of making it from scratch too when you get back to the kitchen! This class also offers vegetarian and vegan-friendly options so don’t forget to mention your dietary restrictions before hand.

3. Authentic Thai cooking class and market tour in the heart of Bangkok

Discover the true Thai cuisine with this simple cooking class. You’d learn the basic of Thai cuisines, in which you can modify into much more complicated dishes. In this class you’d learn 4 easy menus which you can recreate back home! Since this class is also vegan and vegetarian friendly, you could simply give them a note before hand to let them know your restrictions and they’d create the perfect menus just for you.

4. Travel throughout different regions of Thai with this 5 course, home cooking class

In this class, you’re not only learning about Bangkok’s finest dishes, but you’d also learn to make specific dishes from different regions of Thailand. First, you’d be taken to the local market in order to get to know the ingredients needed. Your experienced chef would share with you all you need to know about the local cultures and history behind these specific dishes. Then, you’d learn how to create it yourself in a homey kitchen. Do note that this class is available for non vegetarian too, so make sure to give them a note before class starts about your dietary restrictions!

5. Learn how to cook special Thai dishes with a professional chef

This class is best for those of you who are pescetarian. The friendly chef is a big fan of prawns, and you’d be able to cook special Thai dishes such as River Prawn Tom Yum Koong. However, this class is also available for those of you who are vegetarian or vegan. In this class, you’d learn about the traditional appetizer, soup,  and the main dish of the traditional Thai foods. You’d finish off with a nice local dessert! All in all, it’s a complete one stop cooking class that has everything you need to know about Thai’s cuisines.

6. Explore the true Thailand through your five senses

In this class, you’d need to relax and depend on your senses as you get to know the local spices and herbs, which are an integral part of Thai cuisine. This class might feel more relaxed and personal, and that’s because you are really introduced into Thai’s original taste. You’d get to know the intimate details of how the local dish came to be. This class is also available for those with special dietary preferences, so make sure to let them know before you join in the class about it.

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