Top 10 Things to Do in Sorrento

As the hub of the southeast of Italy, in the heart of the Bay of Naples, Sorrento expects you to move around. There are stunning beaches, cozy bars, narrow streets, gorgeous islands, delicious food, fun markets, and ancient historical sites. You are invited to experience everything this beautiful region has to offer. Slightly overwhelmed? No worries, we have compiled a list for you! 

1. Travel through the Amalfi Coast

Photo by: Frans Sellies 

One thing is sure; the Amalfi Coast is worth a visit and nine out of ten travelers do it. It’s pretty obvious why — it’s gorgeous. Beaches that will take your breath away. Additionally, the colorful houses around the coastline and up the mountain combined with perfect weather and the food make it perfect. Besides the perfect scenario, you have the Italian cuisine of the south. Visit Positano, Amalfi, Minori and Cetara, some of the most beautiful cities around the coast. Take a drive, enjoy la dolce vita.

2. Limoncello every day

Photo by: Ewan Rayment 

As we are diving into the beaches, impossible not to talk about an essential item for the Italian summer — Limoncello. Produced mostly in the Amalfi region, this lemon liquor is dreamy in the warm months. If served cold! Most restaurants, bars, and homes produce their own limoncello, made from lemons, sugar, and water. It’s pretty simple, it just needs time to get the citrusy flavor. But when ready it’s summer in your mouth.

3. Visit Marina Grande and Marina Piccola


Photo by: Ricky Johnson

These historical fishing villages in Sorrento are amazing for a day stroll in the city. Marina Grande is a hub of restaurants and bars facing the ocean, and also a tourism center, but it keeps it real as a fishing harbor. Marina Piccola, as it says, it’s a small part of the bay easily located as the ferry and hydrofoil terminal, with exits to Capri, Naples and other destinations. It also hosts several restaurants and for sure you will be passing through it.

4. Take the ferry to Capri

Photo by: jfleszar

As we know where the ferry exits, at Marina Piccola, it is time to do day trips to these stunning islands. Capri is known as an exotic and glamorous destination, to see and to be seen. If you don’t have a yacht to compete with the rich and famous, don’t worry, enjoy the beaches, the Blue Grotto, the nightclubs, and stunning nature paths.

If you don’t recall, the Caprese salad comes from here, so make it your regular appetizer during the visit.

5. Admire the Cloister of San Francesco

Photo by: Berthold Werner 

The cloister is very close to Piazza Sant’ Antonino and has two sections: The monastery, built in the 7th century, and the church in a baroque style from the 14th century. Now it hosts events and private parties like civil weddings. It is an important historical place of Sorrento for religious and political reasons, as administrative decisions were taken in this cloister. If visiting during the summer, you might see an orchestra playing while admiring the beautiful architecture.

6. Stroll around in Piazza Tasso and Corso Italia

Photo by: Berthold Werner 

Named after a local poet, Torquato Tasso, the piazza is located in the very center of the city. Stop by at a local bar and drink some prosecco or a spritz, see people walking and the sun fading. From there, you can go everywhere, included Corso Italia. This is the shopping thoroughfare of Sorrento, so do a quick visit to the cathedral, walk to the end of the course, turn right, and finish your stroll in the old part of town.

7. Enjoy la dolce vita to the max — go to a spa


Photo by: John Winder

There you are in Sorrento, with some extra time (and money). You could splurge yourself in a luxurious moment in a spa. If you are lucky enough, why don’t you experience a moment at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, or the Bellevue Syrene, two of the most exclusive and amazing hotels? Imagine having some care day, drinking Franciacorta, maybe some Caprese salad on the side, and sure, to end the day with the most beautiful sunset ever? Yes, you can!

8. Take some fun cooking classes

Photo by: Jorge Zapata 

The southeast of Italy has a simple but so delicious cooking scene, full of fresh ingredients, salads, pasta, and of course, seafood. You have a myriad of restaurants and bars in a list, but why not learn how to make the same recipes from scratch, with a local? Cookly has eight classes awaiting for you in Sorrento: pizza, pasta, risotto, Neapolitan classics, and even foraging your own ingredients is right on your fingertips. It’s going to be memorable.

9. Visit the local market on Tuesday

Photo by: Bertrand Borie 

As we said before, the Amalfi coast is dreamy when it comes to the freshness of ingredients. So, take a stroll at the local market, which happens every Tuesday. The most delicious tomatoes (yes, the best ones come from the Naples area), herbs, fruits, olives, and other specialties from the southeast. It’s a chance to buy and taste quality produce, and of course, to take amazing photos.

10. Pompeii

Photo by Andy Holmes

Another suggestion for a day out of town, Pompeii can be reached from Sorrento by train or by car. Arrive early to beat the crowds and walk around the lost city, ravished by the volcanic eruption of Vesuvius. Make it better by getting a guide to explain the little details, the temples, frescoes, roads, and ghoulish figures of citizens who didn’t escape the sea of lava. If you are a history fan, this is an obligatory step on your way through the southeast of Italy

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