Top 10 Traditional Cooking Classes in Mexico City

Cooking classes in Mexico City, the best way to learn how to make traditional Mexican dishes from scratch! From spicy salsa to the freshest tacos. Learn how to master the recipes passed down from generations all in one class when visiting Mexico City. Immerse yourself in Mexico’s food culture and you’ll never have to go out of your way to buy salsa from the grocery store again.

We’ve put together a list of the best cooking classes in Mexico City to give you the ultimate experience when traveling.

1. Traditional cooking class with a market tour

This class is made for those who are curious and food lovers who want to learn the secrets to making the best Mexican dishes. This class includes a brief visit to a local market to learn more about the locals and the fresh ingredients typically used for traditional dishes. Afterward, enjoy a cooking class with a diverse menu filled with dishes that range from Chochoyotes with beans to guacamole and ceviche. This is perfect if you want to learn how to cook multiple authentic dishes while being exposed to the culture.

Traditional cooking class in Mexico City

2. Taco Tuesday at traditional Mexican cooking class

What better way to start your Tuesday with delicious tacos? Start the class with a street food and market tour to learn about some of the best street tacos in Mexico. Learn how to make pork tacos, beef tacos, three Mexican salsas, and hand-made tortillas that you can replicate back at home!

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3. Weekend cooking class with a market tour

Start the class with a tour in the beautiful Jamaica Market to buy the ingredients for the meals you will make. Afterward, learn how to cook delicious dishes such as tacos, chilaquiles, guacamole, quesadillas, and so much more. Be prepared to walk away with an entire menu worth of authentic and delicious recipes.

Traditional Mexican cooking class with market tour

4. Cook Burritos from scratch! 

Cook with a passionate Mexican cook who specializes in hot and spicy foods. Learn recipes ranging from north to south of Mexico and taste the difference. The day will start with a tour of the Tacuba Market to buy fresh ingredients such as beans, potatoes, peppers, and cheese to make the perfect burritos. Learn how to make your salsa and flour tortillas all while meeting other curious travelers.

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5. Mastering Traditional Mexican Salsas

Visiting Mexico City on a Wednesday? What better way to add to your trip than by learning how to make top Mexican salsas! Learn the history; types and use of fresh and dry chiles; salsa classification by types of chiles; the level of spiciness; uses or salsas; and secrets on preparing special Mexican salsas. Walk away with at least five different salsa recipes in an intimate cooking studio in the Roma Norte neighborhood.

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6. Cook Mexican Street Tacos with market Tour

Enjoy an extraordinary experience and learn homemade recipes of some of the best street tacos in Mexico. The day will start with a market tour de Mercado de Medellín with tastings from selected market stands. This cooking class will be conducted just walking distance from the market in an intimate Mexican cooking studio in the beautiful Roma Norte neighborhood. Enjoy the delicious tacos and salsas that you will prepare with a pairing of artisanal mezcal, Mexican craft beer or Mexican wine!

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7. Better Mondays with authentic Mexican cuisine

What better way to start the week than by learning how to cook authentic Mexican food. Learn about the history and explanations behind the recipes and ingredients that will be used in the cooking experience. Make four courses which include salsas, street food, squash blossom salad, white mole, and cornbread paired with hot chocolate. What an amazing way to enter the week!

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8. Premium cooking class, market tour, and cocktail making

Three amazing experiences all in one?! What a steal! This tour is designed for those who are curious and huge food lovers and want to learn about ancient culinary secrets. Meet locals at the market and learn about the ingredients that will be used. Make delicious meals such as chicken enmoladas, guacamole, shrimp broth, pozole, ceviche and more! Learn from the empathetic and expert chef, Eduardo while building connections with the community.

Traditiona Mexican Cocktails at Traditional Mexican cooking classesPremium Mexican Cooking Class with Market Tour and Cocktail Class 

9. Mastering Mexican Salsas with a market tour

If there’s one goal that is guaranteed for this class, it is to walk away with a new mastery skill in making Mexican salsas. Learn the history behind the types and use of fresh and dry chiles, salsa classification by types of chiles, level of spiciness, uses and secrets in a different preparation. Every participant will make at least 5 different salsas to ensure that every cooking method is covered. Play with traditional guacamole, green sauce, mango and chile Manzano sauce, devil’s sauce and more. All of this knowledge will be so exciting to teach and create back home!

Traditiona Mexican Cooking class in Mexico CityMastering Mexican Salsas Cooking Class with Market Walk in Roma Norte

10. Taste Colonia Roma with Locals in Mexico City

In this tasting tour, seek out specialty food shops prepare your body for the delicious tastings at 7 spots. Try the tastiest and most unique fish tacos, mouthwatering pozole, specialty coffee, and more delicious Mexican food. Try all of these foods while discovering the history, culture, architecture, and entertainment that makes Colonia Roma the trendiest spot in Mexico City.

Traditional Mexican Salsas at Cooking class in Mexico CityTaste Colonia Roma with Local Foodies 

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