The Best Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything

Last Updated on October 31, 2023

Many people believe men are very difficult to buy for. Some of their interest are too niche or too expensive. Or they just go ahead and buy what they want. Maybe they just seem to not want anything!

Whatever you’re dealing with, it might be helpful to look over a few gift ideas for men who know their way around a kitchen. Find the ones that would work for the men in your life and make their day with these best gift ideas for men who have everything:

Cast Iron Pan/Skillet

Every man who loves to cook deserves a solid cast iron pan or skillet in their life. They can throw it over an open fire, on top of a grill, or use it on the kitchen stove and oven. It’s heavy, strong, and versatile; everything a man loves. 

Prices for cast iron items can vary but if you’re in the US, it’s hard to top the affordability and quality of Lodge. They offer a lot of variety in sizes and shapes so check out the Lodge store on Amazon to see all their options. And if you want to do a bit more research before buying, a good place to start would be with our article All You Need to Know About Cast Iron Skillets

Cookbooks for Inspiration

With the endless amount of cookbooks out there, and new ones being published all the time, this idea could be for multiple gifts or holidays. Choosing the right cookbook depends on what they like to cook, how experienced they are, and how nerdy they want to get into food science. 

We’ll help with a few ideas. It’s hard to beat J. Kenji Lopez-Alt and his two incredible books. His first, The Food Lab, is great for anybody who wants one cookbook to cover how to cook almost anything (and the science behind it). And if your man has a wok (or interest in getting one), Lopez-Alt’s second cookbook, The Wok, is unbeatable. 

Another great overview cookbook that covers the basics of cooking without getting two science-y is Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat from Samin Nosrat. But if your man loves to grill or to eat BBQ, check out this BBQ cookbook collection from Franklin Barbecue, the world-famous joint in Austin, Texas. I can already smell the smoke coming off the grill!

KROK Mortar and Pestle

Whether he needs to make dry rubs for BBQ, pesto for dinner’s pasta, or anything else from the 15 Things to Prepare with Your Mortar and Pestle, the first step is actually owning one. And as we’ve mentioned multiple times in our articles, nothing can beat KROK’s Thai granite mortar and pestleMade by craftsmasters in the Ang Sila village of Thailand, the KROK is the most versatile and usable mortar and pestle on the market. Its high-quality granite will last for generations, its size makes it perfect to prepare and serve through endless meals, and the unique design makes the mortar lighter with more space. Do your man and your kitchen a favor and get him one of these!

Speaking of Woks

If your man is interested in Asian cuisine and you were considering buying Lopez-Alt’s “The Wok” cookbook, don’t forget he’ll need a wok as well. A high-quality wok made from carbon steel will be light and easy to maneuver but incredibly strong so it can handle high heat and some aggressive shaking and stirring. 

There’s a lot of conversation around the size and shape of woks. Flat-bottom or round? How high should the walls be? A lot of this depends on how much you’re cooking and what type of burner you’re using. But the most versatile version we’ve found is this wok from Souped Up Recipes. It has a flat bottom and can handle gas burners, electric, and induction stovetops. It also comes with a wood top and spatula so you’re ready to get cooking right out of the box!

His own Apron

Speaking for myself, I’ve ruined a good amount of shirts, shorts, and pants because of oil splatter. Finally, I got my own apron in a simple color with multiple pockets! Now, if I remember to put it on, I don’t have to worry about ruining any more clothes. 

There are a lot of options all over the internet and at physical stores but we really like this AFUN Chef Apron because of the many color options, the numerous pockets, and the high-quality thick canvas. This apron is good enough to not only use in the kitchen, but can double as an apron for welding, gardening, or carpentry! Any time they’re worried about dirtying their clothes, they can throw this on. 

Wireless Meat Thermometer

If meat is being cooked inside or outside the house, no matter by your man or somebody else, a meat thermometer is a must. This inexpensive, easy-to-use tool is a game changer. Never overcook meat again wondering if it’s at a safe temperature. Place the thermometer, watch the temperature, perfect every time. 

Meat thermometers can be bought fairly cheaply but even splurging for a nice wireless one that connects to your phone still is less than $60. So there’s no excuse for you to not have one bought for your next gift-giving holiday. 

More Hot Sauce

When you’re someone who enjoys hot sauce, you can never have too many bottles. They have different flavor profiles, spice levels, thicknesses, and applications. Even if similar, it’s never a bad thing to have a backup! If your man is a fan of the YouTube series Hot Ones (or just likes spicy hot sauces), search through their Amazon store and pick the perfect packet. 

But to even one up that, give him the experience of creating his own hot sauce. This way he can control the texture, flavor, and amount of spiciness. You could find all the separate ingredients and maybe search for a few recipes for him. Or, to make things a bit easier, they have hot sauce-making kits that contain everything you need to start bottling. 

Set of Whiskey Glasses

When you have a man who likes a nightcap or a stiff drink after dinner, hopefully he can do it in style. Style might mean whatever he’s into but if it’s hard liquor or cocktails made with it, a good gift option would be a nice set of glasses just for him (and whoever’s drinking with him). 

You can shop around to find the right glass that would fit the aesthetics of wherever he’s drinking. But it’s hard to beat that classic whiskey-style tumbler. This set from DeeCoo comes with 6 glasses, three different designs. Maybe throw in a set of whiskey ice cube trays to finish out this perfect gift. 

We hope you found the perfect gift with these ideas. If not, don’t fret! We have a few other lists that might help:


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