Top 10 Kitchen Bar Stools for Your Kitchen

Last Updated on October 27, 2023

Bar stools are convenient and popular seating solutions for all kinds of kitchens nowadays. Probably because sitting on a stool and nursing your wine while your friend is preparing dinner is a much more casual arrangement than hanging out on dining room chairs. Seriously, when there’s a kitchen island with counter stools, most people don’t even look at the other chairs.

Unfortunately, most quality counter stools cost more than $200 apiece. That’s rather steep, considering you need to get at least a few to complete the set. But don’t let those price tags discourage you from hopping on this trend. We’ve done some hunting for you and listed trendy and functional counter stools that don’t cost an arm and a leg. 

What to Look For When Shopping for Bar Stools

Let’s have a seat and discuss the things you should pay attention to when looking for a set of bar stools for your kitchen. It might seem like a  straightforward decision at first, but there are some aspects you won’t realize until you buy, install, and use the stools for at least a week.

You might not be aware of it now, but the type of stool you buy can make a real difference in how you spend your time in the kitchen.


When you visit Walmart, don’t grab the first set of high stools you like. If you bring them home without any prior calculations, there’s a good chance the height will be off. This is a common mistake among shoppers, as home counters are typically shorter than bar counters. Although the terms are interchangeable in everyday language, there’s a difference between a bar stool and a counter stool, and that’s height. 

For comfortable seating, your stools, or chairs, should be 20 to 30 cm shorter than your countertop, kitchen island, or table. The standard kitchen counter should be about 92 cm high. If yours is in accordance with the standards, you should be looking at stools around 60 cm high. Before anything else, measure the height of your counter so that you don’t learn it the hard way.


Deciding whether you want classic stools, swirls, arms, or backrests before you start your hunt is a good way to narrow down the options.

Backrest and Footrest

Flat, backless stools are good for a small, minimalist kitchen. They offer flexibility and save up space in small kitchens, as it’s easy to hide them under the countertop when you don’t need them.

On the other hand, if you get stools with comfortable backrests, they’ll be more inviting for people to hop on, even though they are less flexible for you to move around. Plus, if you have kids around the house, a backrest and footrest would provide support and safety. You can choose between stools with full backrests and low backs with discreet back support.

As for the footrest, unless you’re a toddler, you must know that letting your feet hang freely while sitting can be quite uncomfortable. Because stools are higher, most people can’t rest their feet on the ground when sitting. Unless your counter has a built-in footrest, getting a set of chairs you can comfortably place your foot on is always a good idea.

Swivel Stools

Swivels are stools with a built-in mechanism that enables them to spin around. They are great for gatherings and hangouts as they let you face anywhere in the room without getting up or turning the chair. However, they aren’t the safest choice for houses with small children.

And if the stool is flat, with no backrest, whether it swivels or not is irrelevant as you can simply turn yourself around on it.


Some materials like plastic and wood are more frequently available in a range of ready-made furniture. However, it’s important to maintain a sense of continuity when you’re adding new pieces to your space. If your kitchen contains wood or metallic details, it’s better to choose stools that complement them.


Color is also an essential part of interior design. Here are some points you should keep in mind while picking the color of your next piece of furniture:

  • If you have a mostly neutral kitchen palette, a pop of color will breathe some life into it. If you’re up for a bold accent, you can even mix and match the stool colors.
  • If you already have an industrial kitchen, keeping it a little cozy is important to prevent the space from looking like a bar or cafe. 
  • Clear stools can be excellent means to provide seating while keeping things minimal. This way you can prevent your space from looking cluttered.
  • Having the floor contrast with the stools works better than having the two blended. Create some contrast between the furniture and the flooring so both of them pop.

With these tips in mind, you can start looking for the perfect counter stool for your kitchen. To help you get inspired, we’ve spotlighted a variety of counter stools. Here are the top 10 counter stools for your kitchen.

Top 10 Counter Stools for Your Kitchen

1. Walsh Upholstered Stool

Both elegant and comfortable, these Walsh Upholstered Stools can be the pieces that complete your kitchen. The seat is made of comfortable, high-density foam, and the backrest is made of natural cane, just like the old-time classics, and the modern touches on its steel construction create a beautiful contrast. Thanks to that contrast, these stools can be quite flexible design pieces for most kitchens with different aesthetic styles, from modern to Scandi. They come in twos, which makes them more affordable picks.

2. Romboss Saddle Seat Bar Stool (Set of 2)

Simple yet elegant, this bar stool is very practical for all kinds of occasions. The basic and stylish metal frame is curved smoothly and complements the curvy mango wood seat with subtle details. No one can say this stool isn’t appealing to the eye.

On the features side, there is a nifty footrest but no backrest, making it hard to sit on these stools for extended periods of time. Still, for their price, these stools are excellent quality and a good bang for your buck.

3. Ellis Counter Bar Stool

If you’re looking for something more glam — but not too glam — check this Ellis Counter bar stool made of brass. The stools are light and compact, with both back and feet support. They come in different colors such as black, blue, blush pink, brass, gray and white, which makes them great for creating that bold statement, regardless of the color of your walls, counter, or flooring.

For example, if you have a gray or white counter, the colorful ones are a great way to accentuate the decor, while the brass ones will make great accent pieces against a black countertop.

4. Maison Arts Swivel Bar Stools (Set of 2)

Here is a stool for those who put functionality before everything. These humble Maison Art stools not only let you adjust their height but they are 360-degree swivel and have both footrest and backrest too.

The fabric or faux leather cushion is easy to care for, and the frame is quite sturdy. You can use them around your kitchen island, counter, or workspace or as an easy extra seating solution in your living room. Even though they aren’t likely to be your next accent object, they will humbly undertake any seating task you assign them around the house.

5. Topower American Antique Industrial Kitchen Bar Stool

If your kitchen can handle some vintage industrial farmhouse look, here are some very characteristic counter stools that’ll stand out. These stools might be a great addition to your furniture, especially if you happen to have retro-looking appliances or details around your space.

The height is adjustable, the chair is swivel, and the sturdy, heavy-duty thick steel pipe frame features a footrest. The high-quality leather seats are cushy and sturdy, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor kitchens. 

6. Vaughnsville Counter & Bar Stool

These minimal stools are a perfect combination of industrial and modern. The style resembles classic saddle wood chairs. And it mostly is. But the white wooden seat looks like a continuation of the white steel legs, and the raw wood typically used for the seat is moved to the dowel footrest. As your eyes look for the wooden seat, they rest on the raw wood dowel down below. This stool successfully creates something familiar yet different at the same time.

Being a perfectly stylish space saver with a contemporary look, these stools are also multi-purpose. Use them as dining stools or vanity chairs, nest them under the countertop, or consider them as elegant stands for your indoor flower pot when you don’t need them.

7. Flash Furniture Contemporary Bar Stool


With its clean silhouette and vibrant color, the Flash Furniture Contemporary Bar Stool makes for a modern yet classy addition to your kitchen counter or island. The curved seat, slick shiny silver leg, and comfortable footrest make this stool cozy and a great accent object. The height is also adjustable, so you can entrust it to provide seating in different places in the house. Grab a couple for your kitchen island or living space to mix things up a bit.

8. Kody Bar & Counter Stool (Set of 2)

Smooth forms and a variety of pastel color options make Kody Bar & Counter Stool a pick for Scandinavian-inspired modern kitchens of all types. With their simple and inviting form, these stools are minimalist, contemporary, and equally cozy.

The legs are gracefully designed, with the right amount of asymmetry to create interest, provide balance, and offer rest for your feet. And the upholstery comes in a variety of colors. You can pick from blush pink, vintage gold, platinum, sapphire blue, black, emerald green, gray, and white to complement the overall design of your place.

9. Natural Wicker Loren Bar Stool

This cozy Natural Wicker Woven Bar Stool will add texture and a cool coastal vibe to your kitchen. The softly colored rattan woven seat combines style with a touch of nature. The footrest is crisscrossed in the middle, completing its elegant look. Thanks to the waterproof rattan, you can use this stool on your countertop and in your garden.

10. Parametric Wavy Wooden Bar Stool

Bringing an unapologetic parametric design to the breakfast bar, this stool is different from anything you’ll see on the market. With its striking wavy form, this bar stool can boast any modern and contemporary setting. Designed by Mert Kartaloglu, this genius piece of furniture brings everyday consumers and designer furniture together. 

The thing about this stool is that it’s half DIY. You purchase the digital blueprint, have the wood sheets cut on a CNC machine, and assemble the pieces yourself — this means the price also depends on your deal with your local CNC cutting and routing service. Perfect if you have some extra time, and would love to have an accent piece in your kitchen that you built with your own hands.

Over and Out!

The kitchen used to be a separate part of the house with the sole purpose of cooking. But since the last couple of decades, it has become a place where many of us relax and sometimes even entertain ourselves.

The kitchen can be a place for you to work during the day, for your friends to hang out as you prepare dinner, or for your kids to do their homework. This is why it should be as close to your dream kitchen as practically possible. And giving your seating an upgrade is always practical and a way to make the meal times as great as possible. 

Hopefully, you’ve found a stool your guests can comfortably perch on regardless of the occasion. If you’re looking for more design ideas, check out our articles on countertop decor, kitchen lighting design, and the importance of kitchen rugs.

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