What to Eat in Seminyak

Known for its beautiful beaches and upscale resort area, Seminyak is a safe haven for those who seek great food. From 5-star restaurants to food peddlers, you can find both the most authentic Balinese and international food here. Heading out to Seminyak? Keep an eye out for these iconic dishes along your trip!

1. Lawar

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Lawar is one of Bali’s most authentic dishes. This dish is made from a selection of different meat (beef, chicken, duck, etc.), skillfully mixed papaya leaves, and roasted nuts. Depending on the region, Lawar’s ingredients may vary. This dish can be quite spicy, as is most Balinese local food. It gives off a unique aroma and is a local favorite side dish. Make sure to try this dish during your vacation!

2. Sate Lilit

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Sate Lilit can be found anywhere in Bali. Depending on the region, the meat used for this dish may vary. It is made from fish or other minced meat that is mixed with Bali’s aromatic spices and herbs. Then it’s wrapped around a stick of bamboo (or lemongrass) and grilled. Sate Lilit gives off a sweet and flavorful aroma, and is a must-eat dish during your trip!

3. Ayam Betutu

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Made from whole chickens that are filled (yes, in the inside of their stomachs) to the brim with the local spices and herbs, these chickens are then cooked for over 24 hours over a slow fire! This results in the most amazing and tender meat – you can even eat through the soft bones! This should definitely be a priority on your must-try list. It can be a bit spicy so be careful about that when you try it out.

4. Jukut Ares

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Although this dish might be less common, it is a hidden local favorite. It is made from a very special ingredient… the trunk of the Banana tree! Banana tree trunks and “heart” are quite a common ingredient in Indonesian dishes. This soup dish is served with broths made from various meat, such as chicken, beef, pork, or even duck! It is the perfect dish to eat when you’re craving something warm.

5. Sate Plecing

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This dish is not for you if you’re afraid of the heat! It’s a spicy dish, but it really is a delicious treat especially if you’re up to the challenge. Made from fish or chicken, this halal dish is served alongside a special sauce made from chili, citrus juice, a special ingredient called “terasi”, and salt. Sate Plecing is a favorite dish among locals.

6. Babi Genyol

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Babi in Indonesian means “Pig”, or in this case pork. This traditional Balinese dish is for those of you looking for a savory-sweet, tender meat dish. Babi Genyol is usually served with a side of rice, or as a side dish in Nasi Campur (Mixed rice). It’s also great by itself as a snack!

7. Nasi Campur

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Although Nasi Campur is quite a common dish in Indonesia, Balinese Nasi Campur is unique because of the different herbs it uses. Nasi Campur (Mixed Rice) usually consists of meat, fried nuts, steamed vegetables, and is served alongside with a stick (or more!) of Sate Lilit. Depending on your preference, it can be made less spicy or even spicier. If you’re looking for an authentic lunch menu item then look no further!

8. Pia Legong

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Pia is a crumbly, pie-like, sweet treat that might have been the result of Chinese influences in Indonesia. Although it is commonly found in Java island, Pia Legong is authentic to Bali. This treat is usually made from solidified bean paste, however, in recent years, other flavor variations have been introduced. It is then covered with a thin layer of pie-like crust. Pia Legong is a classic treat to enjoy for yourselves or to carry home!

9. Pie Susu

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This thin milk pie is a unique treat from Bali! Made from crumbly pie crust and filled with a milk-based center, this sweet dish is a local and tourist favorite treat to enjoy or share with others. You can find Pie Susu in almost every gift shop in Bali.

10. Tum Ayam

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The best way to describe this is that it looks like meatloaf. Made from minced meat that is mixed together with Balinese spices then steamed together, this flavorful dish is perfect for any occasion! It is also quite healthy, too. This dish isn’t commonly found in restaurants since it is a homestyle dish, but it’s definitely great to try to feel “local”!

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