5 Must-Do Cooking Classes in Rome

Come to Rome for the history, but stay for the food! We have picked out five of our favorite cooking classes in Rome to satisfy all of your Italian cooking desires!

1. Take a fun cooking class with a professional Italian chef to create beautiful and delicious dishes

Chef Federico is very enthusiastic and excited to teach all his students how to make an incredible Italian meal while explaining the method behind it. First, be guided through a market tour by Chef Federico where all the freshest ingredients will be gathered for the day’s menu. Then gather in his kitchen where three unique types of paste will be made by hand, as well as a delectable main course and an unforgettable Italian dessert!

2. Don’t leave Rome without an exciting masterclass in making handmade pizza

After taking in the beauty of the famous Roman square, Piazza Navona, wander over to a 17th century Palazzo to make your very own pizza! Learn the secrets to kneading and shaping the perfect pie by a local pizza master. Top your pizza with whatever fresh ingredients you like such as fig and prosciutto or earthy mushrooms and salami. Sit down under the hand painted ceiling of the dining room to enjoy your creation with beer and wine!

3. Join in the fun of a hands-on pasta making and tiramisù class

Take home not only memories from Rome, but perhaps a few new cooking skills and perfected recipes for classic pasta and tiramisu. Just like learning from an Italian ‘Nonna’ you will be shown the classic techniques to two different pasta shapes along with a fresh ‘sugo’ sauce. Complete this Roman culinary experience using an inherited recipe to make a quintessential Italian tiramisu!

4. Create delicious handmade gnocchi alongside an Italian chef

Step into the cozy and welcoming kitchen of an Italian chef to learn all about the gnocchi making process. Chef Monica enjoys guiding her students through a fun and educational experience of making traditional Italian gnocchi from scratch. Two delicious sauces will also be made to pair with the homemade gnocchi including a fresh tomato sauce and gorgonzola cheese sauce!


5. Discover the art of baking macarons in Rome!

Join a professional pastry chef in her Italian kitchen to learn the secrets of perfect macarons that you can make at home! Discover the proper mixing technique to bake a delicious Italian almond meringue cookie along with the most delectable ganache filling to finish this delicate sandwich cookie. Take in the delightful smell of your Italian dessert as it bakes and fills the kitchen with its sweet aroma.

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