Top 5 Local Market Tours in Bali

As famous as Bali is for its rich culture and tradition, you can only experience a small bit of it if you’re only there for the waves and the sun. Although the traditional markets are one way to fully get exposed to the local traditions, without understanding their language it must be difficult to fully blend in! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here are five of the best market tours and cooking classes you can join while in Bali. For book, click the photo to go directly to the activity page. Discover more from your travel and get a chance to experience one day as a local!

When you visit Southeast Asian countries, there’s a good chance you’ll see a rice paddy field. Bali, however, has a unique technique that they incorporate into their rice paddy fields that play a big part in their traditional beliefs and heritage. You can learn more about Balinese culture through this rice paddy and market tour, complete with a 9-course dish cooking class!

After you meet your guide, you’ll head to a market in Seminyak where your fun, local instructor will teach you how to pick the best ingredients that you will use in your dish later during the class. Get a hands-on experience creating traditional Balinese dishes, in the most exciting way possible!

This unique class has vegetarian and vegan options available for those who go meat-free! With varied menus, everyone can learn about the spices and ingredients used in many traditional Balinese dishes, which bring out the unique scents and tastes. Enjoy a relaxing cooking class in the northern part of Ubud, led by a friendly instructor. Have a guaranteed great time learning all the recipes you can recreate back home!

Balinese are very close to nature, and they offer their gratitude for all the good things in life to the gods by giving offering dishes every single day. These dishes have specific condiments in them, and you’d be surprised at how meaningful each element is! Learn how to make the offering dish called Canang Sari, as part of your authentic Balinese cooking class. Get more from your trip with their coconut oil making workshop, an important and central ingredient in Balinese cuisine!

Through this hands-on cooking experience, not only will you learn how to create authentic local foods, you’ll also learn about all the organic spices and herbs used to create the colorful traditional dishes of Balinese cuisine. Enjoy a walk through the organic gardens where you’ll see all the unique plants and ingredients that you’ll use in your dishes.

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